Let’s be honest, we love our grandmothers dearly. No matter how many times they scold us for not being proper or forgetting to do something they tell us to do, we will love our grannies. Amidst the scolding, a few cashews will be shoved into our mouths, sometimes a halwa taste test will be carried out, other times an oil massage. And we would be lying if we said we don’t like all that. They are the best humans in the world; one of our favorite friends.

Not everyone has a loving grandma. Maybe we don’t forget, but just don’t acknowledge it. And if COVID-19 has taught us anything other than the need for hygiene and social distancing, it is being grateful for the people we have with us. Uncertain times, uncertain situations, and an uncertain future have helped us realize just how much we take things and people for granted. So, let’s appreciate what we have and cherish them with our lives. 

One way to let someone know you love them is by giving them gifts. Go on, give your Granny a big hug as you hand her a present she’ll absolutely love.  

Here is a list of potential gifts that you give your grandma to show how much you care for her and appreciate her love for you.

Best Gifts For Grandma

1. Miniso Inkjet Series Scented Candle- Vanilla Latte Grey Stress Relief


If there’s one thing that smells better than a warm day, it’s Vanilla latte. And if it’s a candle that smells that divine, well, sign me up for about a hundred candles. Made from the finest essential oils, this premium candle produces relaxing fragrance without icing out harmful black smoke. The fragrance from the essential oils is known to relieve stress, enhance the ambiance of the space, and is great for aromatherapy. It’s burning time is longer than 36 hours which is just perfect. It has a great aesthetic and is just soul-pleasing. Gift this to your grandmother and she will love a little extra if that is even possible. At a price of just INR 190, you have hit the mark. 

MINISO has a wide range of scented candles. A few other scents include Delicate Lavender White, Floral Bouquet, Apple Sake, and many more. If vanilla latte is not your type, check out the other ones.

2. Pashtush Women’s Kashmiri Jamawar Shawl 


It’s almost winter time, and grandma needs to keep warm. One of the best options for a gift is a Kashmiri Shawl. It is elegant and warm. Made from a soft faux Pashmina fabric, the shawl has elegant, beautiful Jamawar designs and Paisley artwork. At a price of INR 3,700, Kashmir’s traditional style shawl has a very rich texture, luxurious look, and drapes naturally. Grandma will look classy and elegant draped in this popular artwork. This piece of clothing works in both a casual setting as well as a formal one. Plus, the faux Pashmina is bound to keep grandma warm and toasty in the coming weather. 

 Get your grandmother this shawl and watch her experience the elegance of draping. Pashtush offers a variety of other shawls in varied designs. However, everything has one common characteristic: Elegance. Check out other varied styles and pick one that you think will suit your grandma best. Happy shopping!

3. Letters to my grandchild: write now. Read later. Treasure forever.


Letter to my Grandchild is a Novelty book. At the price of INR 1050, the book is a time capsule of letters. You can give this to your grandma and ask her to write in it life lessons or anything that she wants to pass down to you or your children. It is truly a heartwarming gift for her and for you. Imagine, finding these letters far into the years, reading her words and being transmitted back in time to witness the world through her warm eyes, loving heart and wise mind. What a treasure, truly. It may seem a bit pricey, but it is worth it. Letter to my Grandchild includes 10 letter prompts and 2 blank letters. ‘Here is a special story about your family…”, “The best advice anyone ever gave me was…”, “My wishes for you are…”, are a few prompts among others.  

Go, get one of these today, and ask your grandma to fill the book with her amazing experiences. You won’t regret it. Neither will she.  

4. Gs Greatertscap 360 Degree Revolving Spice Rack/Containers


Everybody loves grandma’s handmade food. If you’ve ever spent your day with your grandma, watched her cook, you would have at least awed at the sight of her adding all those spices into the food like pixie dust and creating magic. She would pick up the right box without a second thought, add those spices ‘swaad anusaar’. If your grandmother loves cooking and you love her watching cook, get her the gs Greatertscap 360 degree revolving spice rack. The rack includes sturdy, scratch-resistant, long-lasting, 16 unbreakable jars. The 16 jars are damp resistant and great for long storage of spices. This revolving spice rack comes at a price of INR 1499. 

Gs Greatertscap 360 degree revolving spice rack may seem a bit pricey for a spice rack. However, it’s great quality, longevity, and storage facility justifies the price tag. Plus, it adds a modern look to your kitchen. This quarantine period, you might as well learn a trick or two on the combination of spices and bond with your Grandma.

5. Bulfyss 7 Pieces Gardening Tools


If your Grandma loves gardening, you might as well use your free time to try your hand at it. Gardening is the most common activity one can bond over. And if your Grandma already loves it, here’s a perfect gift: Bulfyss 7 pieces gardening tools. 

The pack includes 2 size growled, a form, a weeder, a cultivator, a pruning shear, and gardening gloves. This kit is designed specifically for gardeners and flower growers. The tools are made with rust-resistant CR-MO metal plates and wire making it perfect for long-lasting use.  

These tools come with finger-friendly handles, making it perfect for men, women, teenagers, and pensioners. Basically, even if your Grandma isn’t a fan of gardening, she is going to love getting into this as these tools make the gardening process easy. 

This kit comes at a price of INR 999 which is a pretty decent price for the 7 tools. So, what are you waiting for? Get a kit for your grandma today!

6. Crystu Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp 


Carved from natural rock salt, the CRYSTU Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is known to improve sleep, improve breathing by clearing up the air, reduces allergy symptoms, and decreases stress. The bacteria and virus are positively charged and negative ions generated by the lamp neutralize them. It is also known to neutralize electromagnetic radiation. The salt lamp comes with a power cable and a 15 W Bulb. 

CRYSTU Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is the best gift for a wind-down time for self-care. And we all know grandmother can use a bit of ‘me’ time. The lamp comes at a price of INR 1499. Get one today!

7. Addmax Orthopaedic Electric Heating Belt 


It is no joke when it comes to backache and stomach discomfort. Especially when it’s an elder person. With age, the body tends to not be in its best form. And it’s only fair that we use useful inventions to ease our lives. 

The ADDMAX Orthopaedic Electric Heating Belt is made of high-quality velvet cloth that makes it comfortable to wear. The belt helps with back pain, stiff joints, muscle soreness, cramp relief, and injury. It keeps the waist warm, promoting blood circulation and relieving stomach discomfort. The belt can be worn while carrying out day to day activities. 

Its cloth material makes it very comfortable to wear. Plus, the dual adjustment straps provide tighter fitting and compression thereby giving extra stability. It is perfect for people who are likely to suffer from lumbar muscle strain, arthritis, and soft tissue damage. 

The temperature can be adjusted between low, medium and high through a single button controller. Just plug in the power cable and leave it at the desired heat level for 4-5 minutes, place it around the area to be treated. After 40 minutes, the belt automatically turns off. This will be one of the most useful gifts to give your grandma.

8. Juvo Wonderlite From Senior World


Juvo WonderLite is a motion sensor LED light. Motion sensor lights come on every time it detects motion through its Japanese PIR sensor and goes off when there is no movement or additional light for 30 seconds. It is easy to install: just affix it or hang to wherever needed.

This is best for the elderly, mom’s with infants, kids, and pregnant ladies. Affixing these lights around the house can help prevent mishaps or little accidents in the dark. You won’t have to depend on electricity for these lights since these are battery operated. 

Juvo WonderLite comes with three modes: on, off, auto. Since they only turn on when it is in the right mode and only when it detects motion, the lights are long-lasting and durable. A piece comes at a price of INR 1390. Get these lights today and brighten up your granny’s life.

9. Highpot Christmas Rolling Pin 


Cookies and cakes are always grandma’s specialty, aren’t they? Even if they aren’t, gift your grandma this rolling pin and watch her make delicious delicacies for everybody! Highpot’s Christmas rolling pin is made from natural wood and is embossed with reindeers and snowflakes. 

Reindeers and snowflakes on cookies and cake fondants can be super fun and creative. The rolling pin is 38cm in total with the handle taking up 9 cm. It is a practical tool and is environment friendly. Natural wood is wax-free and paints free. 

This Christmas rolling pin can also be treasured as a carved souvenir. Introduce a new hobby to your grandmother: collecting carved rolling pins of different sizes, different woods, and different patterns. What are you waiting for? Get your grandma into the rolling pin craze! 

10.“The Gift Of Years”  By Joan Chittister


Joan Chittister is an international author, lecturer, and director of a research center for contemporary spirituality. Her book, The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully, illuminates the many twists and turns that come with growing older. It encourages not just accepting growing old but also celebrating the process.   

It also puts forward the many sides of the process of growth that everyone experiences. It brings out fresh points of view and is definitely thought-provoking. From the different purposes to challenges and surprises and regrets, The Gift of Years enlightens all topics and is very interesting. The book is sure to encourage readers to look at life with new perspectives. 

This book might be one of the best gifts one can receive; especially if it’s an elderly soul. Books are eyes to a person’s perspective of things you’ve already made an opinion about. Reading other people’s take on those things can be quite enlightening and surprising, even. Gift your grandma this book because it’s worth a read.    


Conclusion : 10 Best Gifts For Grandma In India

Giving gifts is something that should come from the heart and not be just another chore. And grandmothers are special. They are one of the few most caring, most sincere, charming, insightful, and wise people you’ll come across. 

It is very important that we let them know just how much we love and care for them. The present is made of the people around you, your loved ones, and your situations. Live in the present and love in the present. Let your loved ones know just how much you value them. 

And what better way to let someone know how much you love them than by giving them meaningful, thoughtful presents. So, go on. Get your granny the best of the best because she deserves the world. And more.