Gifts are something which is considered as the token of love for everyone. Gifts strengthen the bond between relations between the two. Choosing a gift for anyone is quite difficult, but, of all the gifts to find a gift for a teen is hardest. Because they are beyond the fun toy shopping stage. They need unique and useful gifts which can make them happy and satisfied. And if they are gifted with something like that, the jubilation they felt after receiving a gift is just out of this world. Everybody loves to get unusual or surprise gifts from their loved ones. Boys have firm ideas of what they want, so we need to find something that could turn out to be unique, wonderful and quirky after its unwrapping. 

It is quite a brilliant feeling when you get a gift from your elders or loved ones which you have dreamt of. Why not treat someone to that feeling soon with one of those unique gifts. Gifts are a key to happiness in every kind of relationship. As gifts strengthen the bond between people. And it is a kind of explaining the warmth of your feelings without the use of words. They symbolize love, care and affection a person possesses for his loved ones. The choice of a gift depends on the personal relationship to the receiver and their personal preferences. 

The difficulty level of choosing a gift becomes more complex when we are required to select a gift for a little 15-year old kid. You should have to make a choice that makes sense and relevance. Furthermore, there is a very limited number of gift item options that are available out there in the stores for a boy of almost 15-years age. 

That’s why, to help you out, we are going to list some of the most relevant or appropriate gift items that you might consider while choosing a gift. We have shortlisted the best possible gift options which will come under your budget range. So, have a quick look at our top 10 suggestions:

Gifts for 15 year old boys in India


1. Badminton Rackets:



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Boys are fond of sports, so a gift related to sports comes out to be the best gift for a boy. Badminton rackets are used to play badminton which is a popular outdoor game among the young ones. As it is known that for boys staying home is just next to impossible especially in their summer holidays, so a gift which can be useful as well as amusing could be the best pick for sure. Gifting such types of things to a youngster will urge him to take part in sports. Sports are good for health and well for physical fitness. And a healthy body has a healthy brain. They increase blood circulation, build muscles, make the brain work more efficiently. Most importantly they enhance metabolism. So, gift your boy a pair of badminton rackets. To check the racket whether its worth buying or not you need to check the net whether it is firm or loose. Badminton rackets are usually available on any gift shop near you. You can purchase them from there. We suggest you to go for a branded one as low-quality badminton rackets will soon get damaged that can affect your reputation. 


2. Cricket Bat And Ball



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This is also a sport item. Gifts related to sports are the coolest kind of gifts. Boys love outdoor games, so gifting them something related to outdoor sports is a good idea. Sports are very good for health, as they increase blood circulation, build muscles, make the brain work more efficiently. Sports are not only good for health but also for the brain. A healthy body has a healthy brain. Sports are also important in character building. They develop confidence, sportsmanship and many more. Most importantly they enhance the metabolism. So gifting a wooden bat and a rubber ball is an excellent idea. In addition, cricket is also loved by the boys. Before selecting a bat to make sure that it is made up of a good wood. Gift your boy a bat and a ball and made his day. It must be available at any gift shop near you. You can easily purchase them from there. 

3. Basketball Shoes 



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Sports are something which attracts the boys most. Basketball is one of the most played and loved game among many of the teenagers. Basketball is a running game and for a person to be proficient in this game, he needs a pair of good basketball shoes. These shoes have a soft sole which makes the foot comfortable in them. You need basketball shoes that can stand up to a full-games punishment as you take down your opponent. Find yourself a well-fitted, game – personality matched footwear. These kinds of shoes must be easily available on any gift shop near you, purchase them from there.

4. Wireless Headphones



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There is a lot of hype in the town about these wireless headphones. Everyone loves to have wireless headphones. Wireless headphones can be used for a variety of activities, including gaming system, smartphone, computer, tv and other electronic devices. Most importantly they are used to listen to songs and receive calls. They are used all around the globe by people during a workout, watching TV at night without distributing anyone listening to music. People usually enjoy the freedom that wireless headphones give. 

Following are some key benefits of wireless headphones 

  • Convenience 
  • Easy access 
  • Quick pairing 

These headphones must be available on any gift shop near you. You can easily buy them from there.

5. PlayStation


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PlayStation is a kind of online multiplayer. They had monthly plus games. There is a lot of buzz about this in town. Boys of today love to have a PlayStation. They are the best kind of gaming station. They had almost 100GB of online storage for game saves. There is a lot of hype about PlayStation in the market and among teenagers. 

Following are some benefits of PlayStation

  • Auto game patch download from rest mode.
  • Monthly plus games
  • Online multiplayer
  • Exclusive early access to new full games trial, demos and public beta trials
  • Exclusive discounts in the PlayStation store
  • 100GB of online storage for game save

This is the best gift for boys. This product should be easily available in any gift shop near you. Though this gift option might not suit your budget as it is too expensive to buy as compared to other options, but gifting it will definitely make the young boy happier. 

6. Digital Watch




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This is the coolest gift one should be gifted. As it is a digital century. Everyone loves to be benefited from digital technology in the town. Boys of this age loves cool form of gifts. A watch is also used to make a person punctual. The biggest advantage of this watch is, of course, to know the exact time, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost, since there is no need of intricate needles involved. As compared to analogue watches, digital watches are easier to read. They come in different style, colours and features. You can buy according to your taste. In general, they have functions and holds a ton of information into their displays compared to most traditional wristwatches. These watches are liked by many due to the fact that they offer a variety of timekeeping features. Another reason why others believe it to be better than other types of watches and preferred by many is because is known to have more accuracy. These type of watches must be easily available in the gift shops near you. You can purchase them from there.

7. Electric Scooter


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These scooters are intended to be ridden while standing on the deck. Electric scooters for the adults are different from the one designed for the kids. They are a kind of vehicle, used by charging them. They are the best gift for boys. As boys love to have their own vehicle in this age. So they can drive it with full freedom. This vehicle makes them independent. They don’t have to request others to drop them to the places they want to reach. They can drive these scooters on their own. Along with it, they had to take all the precautionary measures by using helmets, knee and elbow pads. Your boy is going to be super happy after receiving this. This kind of scooters must be easily available in the stores near you. 

8. Speakers 


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A boy would love to spend his free time listening to some cool, appealing music. And for that purpose, he needs a proper device and that device is a mini speaker. A boy loves mini, handy stuff because if he owns handy things he could easily carry his all stuff anywhere. Mini speakers looks extra delightful as comes in divergent colours. These speakers are best for the time pass because during your free time you can listen to multiple kinds of music and relax your mind. As boys love to do parties, so these speakers must be very helpful during a party, as they are not going to disturb your neighbours and you can also enjoy yourself by using it. And these speakers must be easily available in your nearest gift store. You can purchase them from there.

9. Books



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Some intelligent boys who are good in studies would prefer to get a book especially if it is a novel or storybook. Reading a good book enhances the intelligence to a whole next level. Book reading is also coming out to be a good hobby. This thing will refrain your boy from the bad stuff and bad company out there. Books will make him busy in his own thoughtful world. In addition, book reading is a good habit, as it refrains bad thoughts coming in your mind. Differently kind of books on different topics are availed in the gifts stores. There are storybooks, fictional books, novels, Holy books. Buy the one according to your boys taste. A wide range of books can be found on Gift shops and you can purchase them easily from there.

10. Mini drone


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This is the most unique and amazing gift. These mini drones are specially designed to have a takeoff weight of less than 250 grams. They are a popular choice for aerial photography, filmmaking and surveillance. There is a lot of hype about this product in the market as well as among the boys. They are not too much expensive and that’s why everyone could buy them easily. They have the ability to hover. They can take off and land vertically. And they are very stable. They are also used during construction and security. These kinds of drones must be easily available in the gift stores near you. 

Conclusion : 10 Gifts for 15 year old boys in India

Off all the gifts to find gifts for the teens maybe the hardest. They are beyond the fun toy shopping stage. They have firm opinions for what they want but you still have to surprise them. We looked and found the best gifts for the teen boys, gifts that vague middle space, where you definitely recognize that they are not kids anymore. Choosing a gift for your loved ones is the most difficult thing and when it comes to a teen boy. Choice of gift depends on the personal relationship to the receiver and their personal preference. It is imperative to give gifts to their loved ones.

 This thing symbolises love, care and affection you possess for someone. So we have given solved your problem by giving you a number of choices, so you can choose the best one for your boy, who is the best for you as well. Gifts are the token of love, that strengthens the relationships. Above mentioned gifts are that tokens, which are going to be the best one to express your love, care, affection you possess for them. Above mentioned all gifts are of that quirky sort which is going to be loved by your loved ones.