Gifts are a way to develop healthy and loving relationships with people whom you love and care. Giving a gift conveys a gesture of appreciation, care, love and understanding to your near and dear ones. Every relationship is unique and giving a gift creates a stronger and deeper connection with each other.

Understanding the preferences and personality of your loved ones is very important when you decide to gift something to them. A unique gift chosen will make them feel all the more special.

When a couple decides to get engaged it is an occasion of celebration. As two people have committed their lives to each other it calls for a celebration. A gift to celebrate that from your side would be much appreciated.

At times it may be difficult to find the best gift as there are so many available in the market. While deciding on a gift you need to be smart and balance a strike between memorable and practical gifts. Since the couple is going to settle and make a home for themselves soon gives you a wider range of gift selection. Your gift should leave a strong impact on the couple.

What a modern-day couple who is getting engaged needs to be gifted a gift which is utility-based and also so unique. Variety of gifts are available online what the newly engaged couple in different categories of fashion beauty food necessity home decor or personal utility.

With the tight schedules and no time in hand, we are bound to choose a gift. Selecting a gift can be a tough task. Getting a gift online from Amazon makes things easier and better. You choose the perfect gift to be delivered to the doorsteps of the engaged couple. It also saves time of going to the market and hunting for one gift. Some online gift ideas available on Amazon are listed below.

Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples In India

1) Leather wallet combo set– 

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It is a special day for a couple as they are getting engaged. Gifting them something should make them feel pampered and loved. An ideal gift would be a leather wallet set. This gift set contains a ladies wallet and heart-shaped keyring accompanied by a men’s wallet and a keyring too. All the items are beautifully packed in a beautiful gift box.

The wallets are trendy and fashionable. They are durable and made of high-quality material. The wallets offer style to the users. Made of quality material, the wallets are soft to hold and spacious. It can hold a lot of things without looking bulky. The wallets and keyrings can be used by the couple daily.  This combo gift set will make a perfect gift for the newly engaged couple.

2) Photo frames– 

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Pictures are visual memories. A couple getting engaged are all set to make memories. You can gift a photo frame to give it a start. One single picture is enough to capture the most beautiful moment of their life. You can enhance the collection of memories by gifting them a collage set of photo frames. A set photo frames in different sizes, put together makes a collage frame. The photo frame is made of MDF material on the base, glass on top and a black panel to secure the frame and give it an elegant look. Two hooks are attached to every piece of frame so that it can be arranged vertically or horizontally as per the choice of the couple. The set of photo frame collage can be used to decorate the walls of engaged couples home this would be a perfect way of cherishing memories and displaying pictures. Each picture would speak a story of their life and journey together. The photo frames can be mounted in different ways on the wall to make their home look beautiful and happy.

3) Designer romantic love couple statue

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A perfect gift for a newly engaged couple would be a designer romantic love couple statue.  This gift would be the best way to show your love to the couple. This romantic statue would act as a catalyst to the love of the couple as the statue is all about love and romance. The couple can use it to decorate it anywhere in their home may it be their living room or bedroom. The gift is purely a symbol of love and would make a perfect gift for the couple.

The statue is made of high-quality fibre material which is very light in weight. That is durable and aesthetically-pleasing to the eyes. There are many poses of romantic statues available on Amazon. Pick your favourite one for your favourite couple.

4) Customised decorative items

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The newly engaged couple would be soon married and have a home for themselves the smallest of things that could help to make a house beautiful home as a gift would be highly appreciated by the couple gift in form of pretty home decor pieces for the newly engaged couples can be as follows-

  • Lampshades
  • Murals
  • Paintings
  • Wall hangings
  • Clocks
  • Decorative statues
  • Vase
  • Photo clocks
  • Cushions
  • Bedsheets
  • Showpieces
  • Photo frames
  • Coffee mugs.

All the above-mentioned gifts can be customised and personalized as per the choice of the couple. Most of the gifts can be printed with the pictures of the couple with a quotation to convey your feelings.

Handicraft items are the most in thing, as it gives a very homely feel. Statues of gods and goddesses worship utensils decorative there’s also make great gifts and is a great way to shower your blessings on the newly engaged couple.

5) Kitchenware

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The newly engaged couple is about t settle down in a home of their own soon after getting married. The most integral part of a household is the kitchen. From big to small kitchen needs a lot of things to setup. There can be an endless list of different kitchenware items you can gift the couple. The kitchenware items you decide to gift would be used by them with fondness. Some of the items from which you can choose from are –

  • Cooking utensils
  • Dinner set
  • Tea set
  • Glass set
  • Cup and saucer set
  • Non-stick utensils
  • Pressure cooker
  • Wok sets.

You can choose from any of the above. Every item would add on to the kitchen and will be liked by the couple. Amazon has a plethora of kitchenware in all categories, in different sizes, material, designs and prices. You can choose any to suit your budget and also make the lives of the newly engaged couple easy and comfortable.

6) Card-pen holder and clock set

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This is a beautiful gift made available to you by Amazon. It is a combination of three gift items-

  • A premium pen with crystals
  • A metallic card holder with magnetic lock
  • A metallic table watch

The above three items come in a magnetic box which is further packed into a gift box.

Metal table watch has a clear white dial which is in apple shape and looks beautiful. It can be decorated in any corner of the house. The watch has a battery that can be changed easily. The time can be set the way you do in wristwatches.

The pen is beautifully handcrafted with a blue ball pen refill. You can change the refill as many times. The crystals in the pen give it a chic look.

The cardholder is magnetic and metallic. It can hold 15 to 20 cards at a time. The cardholder is made of high-quality material making it stain-free resistant to dust and other stains.

This combo set is packed in a magnetic box. You will not require to do any further gift packing. You can straight away gift it to your favourite couple.

7) Wooden Calendar with Pen and visiting card holder

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This is a beautiful gift for a newly engaged couple. This is a wooden crafted calendar can be used year after year.

The months day and de are presented in the form of small cubes which have to be changed daily they are adjusted in a stand-in which visiting cards and a pen can also so be e fitted. This wooden calendar can be used on an office table or in the drawing-room.

The calendar made of wood goes through strict quality checks. It is termite resistant, has a glossy look and is durable. It can be personalised by printing the name of the couple on the calendar.

Though it is a small gift, will be used your after year and the couple would remember you every time they see the date. This small gift will have an impact on the gift for a very long time

8) Terracotta handmade 3D key holder

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When a couple will shift into the new home. A keyholder is a mandatory need to organise all the keys they would be using daily. Gifting a key holder which can be placed at the entrance of their home can make a beautiful gift idea. What better would it be if it is a handmade key holder? The keyholder made of terracotta with a 3D effect is available on Amazon. It has a wooden base available in brown and bronze colour. It is 10 into 6 inches in size. It has three hooks to hang the keys. It is made of durable quality wood designed with a handmade mural and painted in brown and bronze to give it a royal look. Every time a key hanged and taken from it would make the couple remember you and put a smile on their face for the beautiful gift you have given them.


Conclusion : Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples In India

You have a number of gifts in choice to give to a newly engaged couple to show your love and shower your blessings.