Amazon has garnered a huge fan base over the years. From ordering Groceries to purchasing electronic gadgets it has become one of the most trusted sites across the world. With the implementation of data science and machine learning, it has been able to record user preferences and can come up with recommendations similar to the user’s requirement.

As Indians, we don’t trust such online sites easily. But Amazon has been an exception. Amazon has been able to garner a huge fan following in India. Being such a huge population, Amazon’s major source of revenue is generated through Indian users. Most of the Indians use Amazon for their daily chores. 

In this article, we have put forth some of the best Diwali gifts that you buy from Amazon. But before that let’s get an insight into why Indians prefer shopping through Amazon than any other platform. 

Why is shopping on Amazon preferred?

Amazon has become one of the top brands across the world, especially in India. It is not just because of having surplus products and accessories in a single platform but also due to excellent payment terms and services. 

When compared to retail markets the prices on Amazon are quite reasonable. The suppliers are reliable and deliveries are made on time. The transactions are quite transparent and you can even track your shipment. You can even return the product if you find it defective over a specific period of time. All this has made Amazon a preferred choice among the Indians.

We Indians celebrate a lot of festivals all through the year and on Amazon, you can find almost anything at affordable costs. From purchasing sweets to buying new clothes you can do it all on Amazon.

You can filter the products based on the cost, ratings, and even brands. This gives you a better understanding of what all is available and even allows you to save time. The payment modes are based on your preference. You can pay through debit cards, credit cards, and even UPI. If the brand offers EMI options you can avail that as well. 

When you talk about the delivery of these products, they are tightly packed in carton boxes. The product is delivered within a period of a week. As an Amazon Prime member, you get the product delivered within a day. So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump to some of the best gifts that you purchase this Diwali on Amazon. 

Best Diwali Gifts on Amazon


1. ITOS365 Diwali Diya Lights Candle Holder Home Decoration Items for Gifts, Set of 4

Diwali is the festival of lights and diyas are a major part of the celebration. Almost everyone who celebrates Diwali decorate their houses with diyas and candles. A beautiful set of Diyas can turn out to be a wonderful gift. 

 The ITOS365 has come up with decorative light holders that can serve as a wonderful decoration item. The diya holders are decorated with pebble stones each of red, blue, and white color. The four diya holders are made of cast iron and each diya weighs about 30 grams each. You can even hold candles using the holders. 

 The holders cost you around Rs.235 inclusive of all taxes. This gives you the freedom to purchase the diya holders in bulk numbers and send them to all relatives and friends on the occasion of Diwali as gifts. If you don’t like them you can always return them back within 10 days from the date of delivery. 

 2. Ghasitaram Gifts Pure Kaju Katlis Box, 400g

Apart from the bursting crackers and lighting diyas, another significance of Diwali is that you get to eat a lot of sweets. With the festival of Diwali around the corner, people purchase sweets in bulk and send them as gifts to relatives and friends.

 Ghasitaram has come up with a wide variety of sweets. These are packed in cool boxes. Mysore Pak is something that everyone loves. From kids to adults almost everyone has a special liking to Mysore Pak. You can purchase a 400g Mysore Pak Ghasitaram Diwali Sweet Box and send them to your neighbors and spread love on the occasion of Diwali. There are also Kaju katlis that you purchase.

 The gift boxes are available on Amazon and you can even avail a 30% on all the gift boxes from Ghasitaram. Each box is available at Rs.445 each.

3. DESIGNOX Silver Bowl Gift Set (4.7 x 8.8 x 2.36 inch, Silver Gold)

If you are someone who works in a corporate or if you are someone who owns a company then you might be aware that on the occasion of Diwali you have to present your employees with a Diwali bonus and a gift.

Designox silver bowl gift set will turn out to be a wonderful gift that you present to your employees. The silver bowl gift set comprises a silver-plated bowl with spoon sets. The silver piece looks classy and elite.

You can purchase it from Amazon at just Rs.208. The gift piece can also be a suitable present for your relatives and close friends as well. The dimension of the set box is 4.7×8.8×2.36 inches. The box weighs just about 240g and it comes in a red jewel box. You can purchase in bulk on amazon as it offers a 70% discount on such products.

4. Cadbury Celebrations Premium Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack, 281 g

We all love Cadbury chocolates. On the occasion of Diwali every year Cadbury comes up with a special Diwali pack. The 281g premium assorted chocolate pack can be a suitable gift for your close relatives and friends. 

The pack comprises Cadbury dairy milk, Cadbury 5 Star, Cadbury fruit and nut, Cadbury Roast Almond, and Cadbury dairy milk crackle. Every kid craves for chocolates and this will be the apt gift for families who have children.

Premium Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack from Cadbury is priced at Rs.350 each. You can purchase it from Amazon. There are two different premium boxes and each box looks beautiful in its own way.

5. Shivram Peshawari & Bros Diwali Special Dry Fruit Gift Pack 800 Grams Assorted Dry Fruits

Apart from the distribution of sweets, dry fruits and nuts are also a significant part of the Diwali celebration. Shivam Peshwari’s dry fruit box will turn out to be a suitable gift. The box comprises 200g Cashew nut, 200g salted pista, 200g yellow raisins, and 200g badam.

The dry fruits and nuts are handpicked and are put into a well-crafted box that can accommodate 800g. The box is available on Amazon and it costs you around Rs.1099. You can gift this to some of your closest friends and family. Everyone will love it as the box looks quite classy and elite. Orders are taken and delivered across different parts of India.

6. International Gift Silver Finish Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati God Idol With Beautiful Velvet Box Exclusive Gift For Diwali, Corporate Gift

Here is another corporate gift that you can give your employees. There is nothing like giving them a Laxmi Saraswati God idol and wishing them all success on the occasion of Diwali. The idol is packed in a beautiful red velvet box.

The idol weighs about 381g and is available on Amazon. Gifting a god idol on such an occasion is always termed auspicious. Your employees will love it and it will definitely make them feel devoted. The corporate gifts cost you around Rs.890. The gift comes with a 2-year warranty.

The idol is made of the finest quality aluminum. It is available in two colors mainly silver and is even plated with gold. 

7. THE DIGITAL STORE Light Ganesha Candle Holder (Gold)

Diwali is more about lights and candles. A candle holder can prove to be an excellent gift. The digital Store light Ganesha candle holder can hold candles and serve as an idol as well. The candle looks great on a wall and can be used for several other purposes as well. 

The candle holder cost you only Rs.199. This can serve as a wonderful Diwali gift as well. This Diwali you can purchase all this candle and diya holders and light up your homes. The candle holder is beautifully crafted and it grabs people’s eye quite easily. The candle holder is available on Amazon. Bulk orders can also be placed.

8. Solimo Colored Wax Tealight

The Solimo colored Wax Tealight is one of the best sellers on Amazon. There are both colored candles as well as white ones. This can turn out to be a wonderful gift on the occasion of Diwali. Guests can use these candles to decorate their homes. The best part is these candles can be used with or without candle holders.

You can purchase the Solimo colored Wax Tealight candles from Amazon at just Rs.369. For just Rs.369 you get around 100 sets of candles. If you’re looking for something less then always opt for the 50 set at just Rs.229. This Diwali lights up your house with these amazing unscented candles.

9. Nutty Gritties Mixed Flavored Dry Fruits Nuts On The Go Gift Box – 159G (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Oil-Free, Keto Friendly)

Diwali is more than sweets and crackers. You can gift people dry fruits and nuts on the occasion of Diwali. The Nutty Gritties pack comprises 24g of Jumbo Roasted Almonds, 24g of roasted cashew nuts, Dry Fruits blend, barbeque almonds 24g, and southern pepper cashew 324g.

The nuts are finely packed and double sorted in a hygienic way. The nuts are 1000% oil-free despite being roasted. These Nuts are slightly salted to retain their natural flavors. The nuts contain zero cholesterol and zero trans fat.

You can purchase the gift box from Amazon and send it to your close friends and family. The pack is priced at Rs.369 only. You can purchase them in bulk and distribute them among your employees and neighbors as well. The nuts come neatly packed in beautiful gift boxes.

10. Satyam Kraft (Pack of 8) Hexagon Glass Jar and Container(220 ml)

This Diwali gift your family and your close friends these glass jars and containers from Sathyam Kraft. The jars can be used to serve beverages, nuts and juices. The containers are rust free and are quite durable. The hexagonal cover on the top prevents air to enter into the jars. 

You can even keep it in the microwave. The container can withstand heat and can keep the food items hot. The pack comprises 8 such jars and containers. The glass jars are BPA free and you can keep anything inside the jar.

You can purchase this pack from Amazon at just Rs.375. There is a 10-day return warranty as well. These containers are quite feasible when compared to other brand jars. 

Conclusion : 10 Best Diwali Gifts on Amazon In India

Diwali is one festival that is celebrated with utmost joy in India. Almost everyone in the country unites on the occasion and celebrates it in the most astonishing way. The things that pop up to our mind when you talk about Diwali are lights, sweets, and mostly gifts. Offering gifts on the occasion of Diwali is a very old tradition. 

Even corporate employees receive bonuses and gifts on the occasion of Diwali. The festival of Diwali is not just about bursting crackers and eating sweets, it is also about sharing love and joy through presents. In this article, we put forth some of the best gifts that you can purchase on Amazon. When compared to retail markets the prices on Amazon are quite reasonable. The suppliers are reliable and deliveries are made on time. The transactions are quite transparent and you can even track your shipment. You can even return the product if you find it defective over a specific period of time. All this has made Amazon a preferred choice among the Indians.


We hope that this article served the very purpose it was meant for and helped you decide on what to buy for your friends, family, and neighbors.