It can be a tough task to decide a gift for a couple. With changing times, there has been an increase in the prevalence of utility gifts as the value of money is understood and appreciated.

Gifts are the simplest way to express love and appreciation for someone you can gift on any occasion to your favourite couple like a festival housewarming anniversary etc.

Two different people make a couple. Gift for a couple needs to be decided by keeping in mind their personalities and likings. Whatever relation you may hold to a couple, your love and appreciation would be to celebrate their togetherness shower blessings and make them happy.

Giving a personalized touch to your gifts would have gone to the emotional value these personal lines and customised gifts would be treasured by the couple forever as the gift would hold a beautiful memory. Couple Pitara and Minuxbox on Amazon make the best-personalized gifts available. You can choose some from there. Here we bring you a list of some gifts that you can choose for your favourite couple.

Best Personalized Gifts For Couples in India


1) Personalized engraved photo plaque


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One very good gift idea for a couple is the unique personalised wooden plaque which can be cherished by a couple lifelong. These wooden plants are custom-designed according to the choice of picture and quotation you want to get engraved. Thes plaques are available in different sizes and shapes on Amazon. You can choose according to your choice. If you have decided to order a photo plaque you have to mail the picture and quotation that need to be engraved. The picture naturally would be a special memory of the couple and seeing if it would bring a smile on their faces. The engraved pictures are made of steam beech wood and have a matte finish. They give a 3D look. You can touch and feel the photo engraved on the wood. The colours of the picture used to engrave blend perfectly with the base giving it a classy look. It is accompanied by a metal rod so that it can be set up on a tabletop. It would look best if the couple placed the plaque on a side table of their bedroom.

2) Multiple utility pen, keychain, cardholder set made of wood


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This is a very elegant gift you can choose for a couple. This gift set contains one piece of the customised pen, pen stand, keychain and cardholder. The names of the couple or your message can be engraved on these. The wooden gift set comes with a wooden pen holder with the clock that has a pen stand. The pen keychain and pen stand with the cardholder are made of very fine wood which is beautifully carved and finished, giving it an elegant look. The message you get engraved on the gifts add to them the personal touch. The message you want to be engraved on the gift needs to be updated while you order the gift. This is a gift that can be used collectively by a couple. Their names on it would add to their love and togetherness.

3) Personalised medium-sized laser engraved 3D crystal with LED light base-


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This is a beautiful stunning gift for your favourite couple. It is a personalized gift where a 2D image is converted into a 3D one. The picture is engraved using the best laser technology inside the crystal. It is a perfect gift for an anniversary, housewarming or a festival. This gift can be used as a home decor piece.

This crystal is ideally suited for a couple of pictures. The output on the crystal would be much better if the quality of the image given is good. The engraving would not be good either and the crystal will not have a good output if the quality of the picture is not good. There is a white LED light placed at the base of the crystal to make it shine and give a better look.

The dimension of the crystal is 50 into 80 into 50 mm. This is the medium size of the crystal. There other sizes available too from which you can choose. European type of transparent crystal is used for engraving these personalized pictures. The crystal does not get scratches and bubbles and has the highest transparency to give the perfect look of the image engraved on it. The edges are finely shaped so that it does not hurt anyone and give it a more beautiful look. These crystals have passed stringent quality tests. These 3D engraved personalised crystals make the most beautiful gift for a couple.

4) Personalized coffee mugs


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Coffee mugs are available online in a plethora of colours and designs. Coffee mugs can be a great gift for a couple. It makes a utility gift which a couple can use and spend quality time with each other while sipping their coffee. A quote or a picture on the mug would give a personal touch to your gift and every time they use the coffee mug they would remember you.

The coffee mugs can be printed with the choice of your picture and quotes. These prints are long-lasting and colourfast. They are printed by the process of sublimation and heat transfer. The prints on the mugs will not fade with any amount of washing or water contact.

The mugs are made of ceramic and can fill the capacity of 330 ml. Thes mugs are available online. They are packed in beautiful gift boxes with a safe packaging of thermocol to protect them from breaking. They are non-toxic, easy to wash and microwave safe. The coffee mugs give the couple special moments to spend together while having their favourite beverage.

5) Personalized cushions



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Customised and personalized questions can surprise your favourite couple when you get them the cushions that can be customised by printing. A quote or the relationship you hold with them or their picture to show your love and gratitude towards them. Gifting them a personalized cushion is the simplest way to make your favourite couple feel special on this special day.

The cushions are printed with lovely quotes and pictures. These cushions can be used on a sofa, bed, chair or car. The cushions are made of satin material and vacuum packed with inner fillers. It comes in a flat and compressed way. Once the cushion is removed from the packing, it re-fluffs by itself to retain its actual shape.

Personalized cushions are available in many colours and sizes. The prints you want on the cushion can be chosen by you and forwarded to the vendor. These cushions are durable and last for a long time. They are washable and colourfast. It is mostly advised to wash these cushions in a machine in cold water.

A beautiful lovely personalised for a beautiful couple!!!

6) Personalised passport covers


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Passports are a very important legal document which is needed while travelling abroad. The passports need to be safe and secure from any kind of damage auto theft. Gifting personalized passport covers to your favourite couple can be a good idea.

The passport covers are made of faux leather and give a very elegant look. It can be personalized with the initials or the names of the couple. The passport cover that is available on Amazon can be customised as per your choice. Apart from the name or initials, you can choose two different charms to add on the cover. The covers can take 9 characters to the maximum. The covers are available in different colours made of great quality material.

The passport stays safe and intact and in perfect shape once in the cover.

The passport cover can be customised by following a few simple steps. When you choose to order it, choose the preferred colour of the product, names, the two charms and update. In any case, if you want the placement of the charms differently, draw the design on a paper and mail. You can also add customisation details in your mail.

Vacations are memory-making time. A passport wrapped with a cover gifted by you will make it more special. Every trip abroad will make the couple remember you.

7) Wooden scrap photo album


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This is a gift which can bring together all the memories of your favourite couple.

It is a wooden cover album available on Amazon making it one of the best gift for a couple. It can be used as a scrapbook or a photo album. Memorable and favourite pictures can be pasted on it with your comments to add spunk to every picture. The album size is 26 cm into 16 cm. It has 30 black sheets on which the pictures can be pasted. Each black sheet is separated by butter paper in between. This helps to protect the pictures and keep them safe and damage-free.

The album can hold around 60 pictures depending on the size. The wooden frame cover and the sheets within make a perfect album and are put together with two metal rings. This album is made of premium quality material and is durable to preserve your pictures and memories for a very long long time. Pictures of your favourite couple in the album give the personal touch and for sure does not fail to bring a smile on your favourite couple.

8) Personalised Wall clocks

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Time is precious. Watches and clocks tell you the time. If a clock is personalized with pictures of a couple and gifted, it would make a beautiful gift. Personalized wall clocks are available on Amazon with a variety of designs and sizes. 1 to 6 pictures may be required to personalize the wall clock, according to the design of the clock you have chosen. You have to mail high-quality clear photographs of the couple which need to be set in the clock. The clock can include a message of 5 to 10 words maximum. These wall clocks are generally made of engineer MDF wood with vinyl print pasted to personalize it. There is no glass case over it. These wall clocks make a unique gift for your loved ones. The printed personalized message along with the picture of the couple on the clock has a matte finish which looks beautiful. It will surely make the couples day and the gift will be cherished and remembered by them for a long long time.

9) Personalized wine glasses set of 2

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If it’s celebration time for a couple it calls for champagne and wine. It would be a good idea to gift personalized wine glasses to the couple for their special celebration. Amazon has a wide range of personalised wine glasses in which you can get a message, names or initials engraved. Popularly known as glass etching, the process of engraving design is done with great precision. The laser engraving gives a good finish. The message gives the glass a personal touch and makes it look more beautiful. The glasses can hold a capacity of 350 ml.

The personalised wine glasses will give the couple a reason to celebrate even small happy moments always.

10) Amazon pay gift card

Amazon pay gift cards are one simple way to gift to your favourite couple. When you are not sure about what to buy, and Amazon pay gift card can be the best. You can gift a card of any amount from Rs 10 to 10000. These Amazon pay gift cards are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase and do not carry any fees.

These gift cards can be personalized with the design for the occasion it is being gifted along with personal wishes. This gift cards can be sent via mail or shared via a link. The gift cards cannot be cancelled, refunded or returned. The receiver can apply the 14 digits alpha-numeric code given on the gift card and add to their Amazon pay balance in their account. This can be redeemed on all products of Amazon in India. What better would it be if a couple bought things of their choice and needs for themselves from the Amazon gift cards you have gifted them.


Conclusion: 10 Best Personalized Gifts For Couples in India

When the gifts are customised it gets a personal touch. attach of warm love and affection which you want to convey to your favourite couple get the best-personalised gift for a couple you want to pamper and make them feel special.