A birthday is always a special event in anyone’s life, in other words, this is a special day celebrated to mark the day you were brought into this world; therefore, you can gladly call it ‘’your day’’. There is no type of joy that can match that kind of joy that parents experience when they see their young ones grow. Every time they turn a year older, it becomes something worth celebrating. Birthday occasion not only makes the children happy because there are some cakes and chocolates to eat but also because gifts are always expected to mark this special day in their lives.

As young as they are, a lovely gesture will always put smiles on their faces not only on this special day but also when they grow up. Imagine your children all grown up looking at some lovely birthday photos taken when they were young while they had a birthday gift around. They will always be grateful to anyone that helped put a smile in their lives when they were young. 

Birthday gift for 5 year old boy in India

1. Clay Kits or Play-Dough



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Are you planning to throw your 5-year-old a themed birthday party? If so, then clay kit is the best gift you can get him. When you consider a creative theme, you should always think of numerous games that will incorporate art into your son’s life. This kind of gift will always help in enhancing your son’s creativity. It will inspire your little boy to mould and create new things every day. It’s a gift that will help your son to be occupied while you do one or two things, but, if you have free time, you can always feel free to join your son as he makes funny or creative things with the clay kit or plays dough. 

For instance, you can engage in the game and decide to make a certain thing, then compete against the clock on who will finish faster or who will create a pretty design. That said, this is the kind of gift that will not only make your so happy but also provide bonding time. This type of gift is very perfect for kids that are aged 5, and your 5-year-old son won’t be an exception. Since everyone deserves the best, a clay kit with various colours of dough will be the best gift if you opt for this kind of gift. 

2. Piggy Banks


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This is another great gift that you can give a five-year-old son on his birthday. The best gift you can buy anyone is a useful gift. As a parent, guardian, relative or anyone who wants to get a lovely and thoughtful gift to a five-year-old boy on his birthday, a piggy bank always speaks much of your gesture. 

This kind of gift does not only look great because they are meant to mark a 5-year-old boy’s birthday but also help in teaching him a great lesson about saving money. In other words, the 5-year-old son can start learning about saving money at his age but in a fun and cute way.

3. Clothes



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The truth is that everyone needs clothes once in a while because clothes are basic needs, therefore, you will never go wrong with this kind of birthday gift for a 5-year-old boy. Think of how jealous other kids will get when they see the 5-year-old boy with a very beautiful T-shirt, hoodie, or Jeans when you opt for a gift of this nature. 

Thanks to modern technology, you can always get personalized clothes, therefore, you can always show your lovely gesture with a customized cloth design. Clothes are available in various brands, designs and style to suit any personality; therefore, you can always get good cloth for a 5-year-old boy. Clothes come with a variety of options hence the prices also vary depending on several factors such as design, brand and size. However, you can always find an affordable or budget-friendly cloth for a five-year-old boy to gift it on his birthday. 

4. Shoes

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Shoes? Yes, of course, even if this 5-year-old boy has plenty of them, shoes are always a great gift for anybody. Every child is special not only to their parents but also guardians or relatives because they are the next generation of their lineage. Kids always love to play, and there is no other way that you can let them play outside without putting on their shoes. Therefore, a gift of this nature only shows how much you care for this little boy. Shoes will not only provide this boy with an attractive and elegant when matched with beautiful clothes but also protect him from hurting his feet when playing. Shoes are made to protect anyone’s feet from burns or bruises as well as provide a firm grip even when you are subjected to rough terrain. That said, you should consider this 5-year-old boy foot size. You won’t go wrong when you decide, gear up this boy’s outfit collection with a beautiful shoe to mark this special day.

5. Sunglasses



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Mostly, a pair of sunglasses is not always the first thing that you may think of when you want to buy a gift for anyone. However, you can change this norm because a pair of sunglasses can the magic any gift can do. Every birthday is special but what makes it more special is that point where gifts are given. That said, a pair of small-sized sunglasses is a unique gift that will not only make a 5-year-old boy happy but also set you apart from the rest of the gift-givers. The love you have for this five-year-old may shine so bright but what else can keep him safe from the shining rays of the sun than a pair of small-sized sunglasses? Sunglasses are designed with several features that are useful during their use. That said, a pair of sunglasses with useful features is a perfect gift for the 5-year-old boy. If you are wondering about the features, you can always buy a pair of sunglasses designed with a polarized lens that help filter the glares on flat surfaces such as water, snow and road pavements. Another useful feature for a boy of this age is an eyewear rope that helps in not losing the sunglasses. Additionally, it is very convenient to buy a pair of sunglasses made with an unbreakable frame or a light frame. Whichever the case, sunglasses are affordable.

6. Toy Cars



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Toy Cars are very popular gifts given to kids on several occasions, therefore, nothing would make a five-year-old boy happy than a toy car on his birthday. Kids love toys, therefore buying a five-year-old boy a toy car will not only make him happy but also help him to stay occupied for a while as he enjoys riding his new toy cars. Parents always have a hard time when it comes to a kid, they can’t do anything much when the young one is all over them every time. Therefore, this kind of gift helps a great deal especially when the kid gets occupied, they can do several things as they watch them play. That said, a toy car is thoughtful and a useful gift which not only benefits the 5-year-old boy but also his parents. There are many brands and designs available in the market, therefore making it easy for you to choose when you opt for this kind of gift. The good thing about toy cars is that they are budget-friendly or affordable.

7. Kaleidoscopes




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A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument used to view objects using one of its ends.  It is an instrument of fun as well as science, kids can use it to explore light, symmetry and reflections. There are designs specifically made for kids aged 5, therefore, a kaleidoscope of this design makes a perfect gift for a kid turning five. A kaleidoscope is not only a fascinating gift but also serves as an educational tool. A gift of this nature is very resourceful when it comes to the learning process, a parent can use this gift to teach his lovely son about shapes and colours. 

Buying a birthday gift for a five-year-old doesn’t have to be rocket science when you can think of such a gift. A gift of this nature is very unique because not everyone thinks of it, therefore, you can make the five years old boy’s birthday special and unique by gifting him with a kaleidoscope. You will never go wrong with this kind of birthday gift for a 5-year-old when you think of the great, fun and educational moments it will create.

8. Binoculars



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A binocular is another optical instrument that is designed with two telescopes facing the same direction to help anyone view objects at greater distances. They are made with a durable and non-toxic plastic material to provide the 5-year-old boy long term use and safety. With this kind of gift on a 5-year-old boy’s birthday, you not only leave a lasting impression but also represent your unique character. This kind of birthday gift encourages exploration and adventure because it will inspire the young boy to use it to explore his immediate surroundings. 

Kid’s binoculars are available in different design and brands hence making it easy to find one that will suit the 5-year-old boy. They are useful, unique and thoughtful gifts since you can find many with different features. For instance, you may get a binocular build with a rubber design to prevent the kid from hurting his eyes. Another great feature is the optical lens, they are designed to protect the kid from harmful sun rays. Last but not least, this type of birthday gift for a five-year-old is affordable.

9. A Drawing Set


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A drawing stencil set is another perfect birthday gift for a five-year-old boy. This kind of gift inspires creativity through art and drawing; therefore, this gift can be a perfect tool to explore and nature young talents. The set may include coloured stencils, a pencil, a sketchbook, a sharpener etc. A drawing set not only helps the boy discover his artistic talent but also get him occupied for a while as he tries to draw funny things. As young as he is, a drawing set can help him improve his handwriting as well as his hand and eye coordination. 

A gift like this on his birthday will always leave a great impression to the parents because you will not only help the five-year-old boy to support his imagination but also encourage his learning process. There are many designs of these drawings sets with useful art and drawing accessories that will suit any budget, therefore, a birthday gift of this nature is affordable. 

10.  Smartwatch



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Technology has no boundary; it continues to make the world a better place for everyone regardless of age. Nowadays, there are Smartwatches for children in the market, therefore, you can always find one that will suit a 5-year-old boy. Birthdays are very special and you wouldn’t go wrong when you opt for this kind of gift. A smartwatch is fun and interactive hence making a very perfect gift for him. 

Kids always love something amazing and classic to show around, therefore, a gift of this kind will not only give him an ultimate finish when he puts it on with fancy clothes but also make him happy when he boasts to his friends about what the watch can do. Smartwatches are built with features that will make a five-year-old boy curious to know how to use, but the best feature he can find is an interesting game. With such features, he will be occupied for some time hence leaving room for other things. Lastly, make this boy’s birthday a great one with this kind of gift, because this watch may become his new friend.

Conclusion : 10 Birthday gift for 5 year old boy in India

Turning 5 is a big deal hence calls for a big celebration. A birthday is a very special day in everybody’s life; therefore, you can always buy a gift to spice up your relationship with the person being celebrated. Since the best way to mark an occasion is celebrating in style, with these amazing gifts listed above you can just achieve that.

It is always very hard to choose the best gift for anyone, and with a five-year-old boy involved it may seem a bit complicated, but the good side is, any of these gifts listed above will make any 5-year-old boy happy on his birthday. Lastly, these birthday gifts for a five-year-old boy are budget-friendly as well as affordable, therefore you can always save some bucks for something else.