The valentine day is a very special occasion for our loved ones and nothing will make them love us more than a gift that commemorates the occasion. Valentine’s happens once in a year hence making it a very special for your loved ones.  The idea of gifting your loved ones with lovely presents always makes them to be very thankful and feel the love you have for them. A valentine gift does not only put smiles on their faces but also gives them something they can hold for the rest of their year. 

Valentines happen on 14th February every year, and on this day, you let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. You might be single, just started seeing someone or even in a relationship but with a gift, they can always be thankful for having you in their lives. The following list consists of some of the gifts that you can get for your loved ones;

Best Valentines Day Gifts In India

1. Candles


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Candles can be a perfect gift for your loved ones. Currently, there are a number of candles in the market made with different scents to suit a variety of occasions. Nobody likes a stuffy smell that might be coming out of their homes or rooms, therefore with a scented candle they can always maintain a sweet-scented atmosphere in their houses or rooms. These types of candles can turn a stuffy room’s atmosphere to smell like a lobby in a five-star hotel. With the best candles, your loved ones can always feel close to home even when you are far apart. 

Their aromatherapy properties are capable of turning a bad day to seem great by stimulating senses and elevating a positive mood to your loved ones throughout the day. The healing properties of vanilla and lavender can help your loved ones to eliminate or reduce their stress. When they inhale the air filled with a blended scent of sage and mandarin, their senses are reawakened hence maintaining a sharp focus and concentration. 

You can imagine the feeling that follows when you light up a scented candle then share a bottle of wine with your partner, you might not need a romantic date in an expensive five-star hotel. 

2. Clothes



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Clothes are basic commodities, and getting your loved ones a gift like this, shows how you care about their needs. Everyone needs to put on clothes, especially if they are about to sneak away for a romantic date, a function or even when they are just around the house. Gifting your loved ones with clothes that match their accessories is the best thing that you can ever get for them on valentines. 

On such an occasion, clothes might be a very perfect gift that they can put on or even on different occasions, and every time they get that amazing look on them, they will always think of you. Clothes don’t have to be dresses or trousers only, they can be something such as t-shirts, underpants or even hoodies. For example, you can always buy matching underpants or hoodies for you and your partner to commemorate the occasion. What makes the gift special is the amount of thought you put into it by considering what your loved ones might like. With the technology at hand, you can always personalize the clothes you consider buying to look amazing just like your loved ones. 




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A blanket is a very thoughtful gift that you can give to your loved ones. If you have a partner that always craves for something that they can always use to fend off chills, then your loving and caring instincts should make a blanket a priority. 

Blankets can be used to give your loved one’s warmness and at the same time give them a hug like feeling whenever it gets cold. Valentines are special and you won’t go wrong if you opt for this gift. Your loved ones may not use this gift on valentines but every time there are frosty temperatures, weather seated on a sofa or in bed, they will always be grateful to you for bringing them joy and comfort. 

The best gift for your loved ones is always that gift with a warm personal touch and some considerable thoughts, therefore, with the large number of blankets designs, you will never miss their taste, style and preference. Blankets aren’t just any other gifts but special gifts of warmth. If you are thinking of a gift like this, you can also try the personalized blankets. There are custom designs such as photo blankets which allow you not only to award your loved ones with a warmth gift but also keep memories fresh. 

4. Slippers


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Slippers? Yes of course, not everyone thinks of slippers as a gift for their loved ones hence making it a very rare and special gift. If you are looking for something simple to gift your loved ones, then you won’t go wrong when you opt for this gift. Since you know best about the taste, style and preferences of your loved ones, choosing the best slippers for them won’t be rocket science to you. 

The market is very big and with a vast variety of brands and options. There are many designer slippers customized for every person’s style. Slippers have the ability to give your loved ones a fluffy feeling as if they are walking on clouds every time, they will put them on. Slippers are a multipurpose tool, they can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and even when you decide to venture into outdoor activities. There are also slippers designed to suit the weather conditions therefore, winter doesn’t become a big deal. These types of slippers are designed to provide the warmth that you need.

5. Bracelets


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Bracelets are worthy and can be the best romantic gestures especially on valentines. Everyone wants the best for their loved ones, right? They might have not been the first thought that sprung your mind, but very worthy to consider. There are a variety of brands that you can choose from, such as charm bracelets, jewelry bracelets, puzzle bracelets and many others, but when you opt for this gift, a personal touch will be an added advantage. 

Valentines are very special, therefore, there shouldn’t be mistakes on the gift you choose. With a personalized bracelet you can always pass the message across by engraving something that ties the both of you or something that ties you with a specific person. For example, it will be a very perfect option for you if you are new in a relationship when you gift your partner with a puzzle bracelet.

Puzzle bracelets always carry the message “You are my missing piece”, therefore making your loved ones feel special and in return, they love you even more. Before getting your loved ones a bracelet as a gift, you should always consider their style, taste and preference and if you aren’t sure you can always match something that they already own or even a bracelet they already wear, and if you are still in doubt, get them a bracelet that is casual; that can be worn with any outfit and still produce the same amazing look.

6. Personalized Valentine’s Day Cards


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Love doesn’t need a specific day or date to be expressed but 14th of February is regarded as the best day to declare your love. Valentine cards always play a big role in this special day. They carry messages that convey your love and affection towards your loved ones. It is not always about how expensive a gift is because, sometimes a small gift will do the magic. There are many card designs available in the market, but with the current technology, the world is a better place, therefore, it is possible to request for cards of your design without forgetting the messages and photos of your choice. 

A gift is always going to be special when a warm personal touch is attached to it, therefore, personalized Valentine’s day cards are the best gifts you can give your loved ones on this special day. The only thing that can result from this lovely gesture is a spiced-up relationship with your loved ones. You can get gifts of this nature in the gift store or any other outlet nearby.

7. Pillows


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Searching for the best gift for your loved ones is not a walk in the park, it needs a considerable amount of time and some thorough thinking or research since you don’t want to make the gift look so obvious that your loved ones can always take a guess. The best gift is always that one that your loved ones will always want to use instead of putting it in a drawer. A pillow can be the best gift that you can give your loved ones on valentine’s day. 

How else can you show your loved ones that you care about their comfort during their slumber than with a pillow? A pillow is such a perfect choice for your loved ones without even the hassle of trying to know the right size because they are designed to perfectly suit all sizes of beds. Showing up with a pillow on valentine’s can be the reason as to why you receive lots of hugs and kisses on that day and many days that follow. 

Great pillows assure your loved ones with the best quality of sleep hence giving them enough reasons to always be thankful to you. In this new age of technology, it is also possible to get a custom-made pillow with lovely messages printed on it hence giving your loved ones assurance on your love every time they go to bed. For gifts of this kind, the gift store can be the best place to inquire from.

8. Phones and Accessories


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The world doesn’t stop and wait for anyone, as it advances, people’s habits follow a similar pattern. However, it is true to say that the same phenomena can be used to explain your gift choices for your loved ones. Many people are embracing technology irregardless of their age, therefore, Smart Mobile phones can be the perfect gift that you can get for your loved ones on this day. 

Technology has also made it possible for some of the wearables to be powered by smart technology such as smart watches, bracelets and many more. If there is a chance that your loved ones has a thing for technology, then you won’t be wrong to get them a modern electronic device. Sometimes you may find that they already feel that they have the perfect phone or their phone of their dreams, you are still not out of luck if you want to venture into the tech world. You can upgrade their phone by giving her a perfect accessory. 

The purpose of having valentine is to declare your love to your loved ones, therefore, there is always everything for everyone in the tech world. For gifts of this nature, kindly check the gift store or any other outlet nearby.

9. Cakes and chocolates 



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Sometimes fancy chocolates and cakes may be the perfect way to reach the doors of your loved ones hearts. Cakes and chocolates are widely known gifts for any occasion and valentines won’t be an exception. With arrays of flavors available for this gift it’s certain that you will find a taste that is perfect for them. Cakes and Chocolates are as sweet as our sweet loved ones, their nature only speaks loud of their luxury. 

Researchers found out that eating some amount of dark chocolate every day can help in extending one’s life span and also manage your weight levels.. Therefore, eating chocolate does not only give you that rich, smooth and sweet feeling but also cares about your health. This kind of gift is delicious but the best thing about it is that it’s a very simple gift. You can always get personalized gifts where you can write some lovely messages on top of the gift to declare your love for your loved ones. Gifts of this nature can be found in the gift store or any outlet near your place of residence.

10. Journal




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Help your loved ones to keep tabs with personal events with a journal as a gift on valentines. Valentines is all about declaring your unending love to the closest people in your life. A journal is a very beautiful gift that you can give your loved ones to show that you care about every piece of information about their life. Journals are very fun to open; you can use them for one or two things such as writing recipes and memories in case you are forgetful. 

There is no way that you can know when they will need such a gift because life is full of many unknowns. Sometimes, your loved ones may be going through a tough phase and the best way to pour out their emotions is through writing. You can make the gift very impressive by including a personal note that conveys a message of love and jazz the gift with some useful accessories like pens, fancy ones. You can always the best journal for your loved ones in the gift store or any other outlet nearby

Conclusion: 10 Best Valentines Day Gifts In India

The reason behind valentine’s day is to gear up and declare undying love to our loved ones. The gift store assists in making sure that this day lives in the minds of your loved ones by offering you with the best gifts to celebrate the occasion with. You may say a lot of words and do a lot of things to prove your love, but a gift will always speak more. Choosing the best gift that is amazing just like your loved ones is always a dubious task, therefore, with the above gifts, it is hard to look away.