In India, Teachers day is celebrated on 5th of September every year to recognize and honor the good work of teachers and their contributions to development and education. Teachers have a big influence in the lives of our children, they make the lives of our children better by helping to create their minds, character and hearts as well as ensuring that every student is well taken care for and looked after. It might be their job to do so, but don’t they deserve some heartfelt gratitude? The best form of gratitude is that appreciation with a gift. A gift always has a way to express your feelings and nothing will ever make a teacher happy than a present that shows the deepest interests of the gift giver. Nobody likes a gift that they will end up putting in a drawer or a closet since the best gift you can give anyone is that gift that they can use more often not only because it’s important but also because it suits their needs. The following list of teacher’s day gift ideas offers the most perfect inspirations and will put smiles on any teachers face.

Best Teachers Day Gift Ideas In India

1. Appreciation Card


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Teachers make a huge difference in any children’s life and mostly contribute to making their lives worth living. When someone is pleased with what another person has done or contributed to, it is right to say thank you and express how they feel about them, therefore, they deserve some recognition with a gesture that shows how you truly appreciate their efforts and contributions. 

Sometimes it’s hard to get the right words to express our feelings because you may even be carried by emotions since what you feel can only be felt by the heart. There is nothing that would help convey your innermost thanks than an appreciation card. An appreciation card is one of the best Teachers day gift ideas you can go with to make a gratitude statement. Everyone deserves the best, and teachers can’t be left out for what they have done to the lives of children. When you opt for this Teachers day gift idea, you can be sure of putting smiles on their faces and making them feel appreciated. 

Kindly check the gift store or any other outlet nearby to find an appreciation card that will leave a teacher bursting in tears of joy and happiness. You can also request for a personalized appreciation card that will carry the message of your choice. 

2. Personalized Jar



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Choosing the best gift for anyone is always the hardest part but with a personalized jar for a teacher, it’s more than enough. Words and actions sometimes don’t say it all but a gift can always speak more. Teachers are the best thing your children can ever have; they teach your children to become better people in society and the idea of giving them something to show your appreciation for their contribution is always the right thing you can do for them. Gifts are supposed to help meet needs, style and personality of the receiver, therefore gifting a teacher with a personalized jar can be the best thing that can solve their storage needs. 

Teachers always have pens, pencils and marker pens lying around their tables; therefore, a personalized jar can just be the perfect way to not only store the accessories but also keep their working area organized. 

The best gift for anyone is always a gift with a warm personal touch hence a personalized jar printed or engraved with the teachers name followed by a thank you or appreciation  message is the best Teachers Day gift idea you can opt for when deciding on the gift you want to award a teacher. 

3. Dry Erase Markers


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Teachers day is always about recognizing the efforts and contributions of teachers therefore, a thoughtful gift would be a perfect gesture to express our appreciation and thanks. Dry erase markers are precisely made to be used on non-porous surfaces, hence making them useful on a number of items such as mirrors, metals and glass surfaces. 

They are made of a solvent which helps the ink to dry faster hence attaching the ink to the surface as well as not absorbing it. Teachers always write on the board when they are teaching, therefore dry erase markers would make their work even easier when writing on dry erase boards. That said, dry erase markers relieve the teachers from the hassle of having to rub them with a lot of energy. 

A large number of teachers spend on school supplies with their own money; therefore, you can help them cut the budget with this useful item, they will always be grateful and thankful for thinking about their needs. This is yet another Teachers day gift idea that you can go with when you want to recognize their efforts and influence, they have on your children’s lives. You can get this type of product in the gift store or any other outlet nearby.

4. Measuring Tapes


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A measuring tape is like a flexible ruler that is used to determine the size and distance on an object. Measuring tapes may consist of cloth, plastic, fibre glass or metal stripes that are coated with linear measurement markings. This is a very handy tool in the classroom especially in most subjects that require students to get measurements of objects. 

What other way to help children and teachers with their measurement needs than with a measuring tape? Have you ever heard of this phrase, “killing two birds with one stone?” If not, just to let you know, we are not killing anyone, just kidding, in a nutshell, it is achieving two aims at once. A measuring tape as a gift is a very perfect way to improve children’s lives in school as well as say thank you and appreciate the special teachers for the huge difference they have made in your children’s lives. Remember, the best gift is always that gift which you put a lot of consideration and thoughts into. The market is filled with measuring tapes that are designed to suit any personality, style and taste. You can always request for a customized measuring tape when you opt for this Teachers day gift idea. Visit the gift store or any other nearby outlet for products of this kind.

5. Notebook and Pencils or Pens


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Teachers are always fond of putting down some pieces of information to prepare for lessons for the classes they teach. Since teacher’s day is a very special day for teachers, giving them something special to mark the occasion would be a great gesture to declare your gratitude for all the things they have done in the lives of your children. 

Notebooks go handy with a pen or pencil; therefore, a gift of this kind shows how much thought you put in it. Notebooks make life any one’s life easy, since it can be used as a tool to organize your work and serve as a reference point even in the future. There are many designs of notebooks and pens or pencils in the market hence making it easy to pick the most suitable one from a number of options. Gifts with a personal warm touch speak much of one’s interests and feelings, therefore, you can always go with an idea of a notebook and a pen printed or engraved with the teacher’s name.

6. Teacher Tote



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A tote is a bag with parallel handles that can be used to store goods and can also be used as a reusable shopping bag.  Teachers are like second parents, confidants or even friends, therefore, this is a very perfect Teachers day gift idea when you think of the number of items you would want to carry to class or school for learning purposes. 

With this bag as a present to appreciate the efforts and contributions of teachers in your child’s life, you get to make their job easier when they need to carry around learning accessories. A teacher tote bag does not only serve as a storage bag but also makes teachers look organized. 

The best gift for anyone should be very thoughtful and be able to declare how you feel about them. The best way to thank a teacher for the huge impact in your children’s life would be a personalized teacher tote bag, printed with their name or with a message of appreciation such as, ‘’thank you for everything’’, ‘’ your patience is second to none’’ and many others , you can also request it to be printed with a message of your choice. 

7. Chocolate



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Most people like having some chocolate once in a while and sometimes fancy chocolates might be the ideal way to reach the entryways of your adored one’s hearts. Chocolates are broadly known presents for any occasions and Teachers day won’t be an exemption. With varieties of flavors available for this gift it is sure that you will discover a taste that is ideal for them.

Chocolates are as sweet as any person worth honoring and appreciating. Teachers are like the second family any student has and giving them chocolates is a very nice gesture to convey your gratitude. The nature of chocolates only speaks loud of their luxury. Researchers found out that eating some measure of dark chocolate every day can help in broadening one’s life expectancy and furthermore deal with weight levels in your body, therefore, eating chocolate does not just give you that rich, smooth and sweet feeling yet in addition care about your well-being. 

This sort of gift is delicious yet the best thing about it is that it’s a very simple gift. You can generally get customized gifts where you can write some appreciation, thankful and flawless messages on top of the gift to declare your gratitude. Gifts of this nature can be found in the gift store or any outlet near your place of residence.

8. Water Bottles


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The habit of drinking water is common to everyone, nobody can survive without water since the body needs it for many processes. Water is proven to be a perfect accessory to good health. Drinking water can help you quench your thirst hence getting the feeling of satisfaction. Water also keeps one’s body hydrated and is proven to be very good for those who want to lose some weight as well as giving your skin glows. 

Water bottles are very perfect for anyone who can’t go for long without quenching their thirst hence serving as a perfect reminder for them. Imagine those long periods of lessons that a teacher goes through while teaching, the throat dries up and needs to be hydrated. That said, isn’t a water bottle a perfect idea of a gift for any teacher? Thanks to modern technology, it is now easier to print a lovely message on most items you want to give. There are a number of water bottle designs in the market that are readily available or can be personalized to suit your interest and the needs of the receiver. 

A water bottle is one piece of gift that can show gratitude for everything a teacher has done for your children. A teacher will always remember this gesture every time they take a sip of water when you choose this kind of gift idea to mark the Teachers day celebrations. 

9. Pocket watch



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A pocket watch is a special type of watch that is precisely designed to be carried in a pocket. A pocket watch was used in the past as a symbol to tell the society about a person in regard to their place in society and social status. A pocket watch is another amazing gift you can use to express your gratitude on Teachers day. Teachers spend most of their time shaping the lives of our children in the classroom, therefore, words and actions may not be enough to say thank you, sometimes a gift speaks more. 

Teachers are busy people in nature and nothing will do them a great deal than a gift that helps them manage their time. A pocket watch may be the best time management accessory, since it can be used to keep track of time. A teacher always needs to plan for lessons as well as the time needed to deliver content, therefore, a pocket watch would be a very suitable gift to manage their timing needs. A thoughtful gift always has a way to find the doors of any heart and a pocket watch teacher’s day gift idea maybe just that gift that will put a smile on a teacher’s face. 

10. Books



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They say knowledge is wisdom, therefore, a book is always a perfect gift which one can use to extract information from. The best gift a teacher can give any child is always knowledge. There is also a quote that states, ‘’Continuous learning is the key to success in life’’, that said, our children’s success in life can result from continuous supply of knowledge from teachers, hence a book is always perfect accessories in the learning process. 

This is one of the best ideas you can opt for since your heartfelt story will easily be expressed not only by how thankful you are but also thoughtful. With books as a gift, you are not only giving a great read but also giving intelligence, context and insight. This is another way to say thank you and at the same time making children’s lives better as you will be upgrading their library. There are a variety of books you can give, whether books for stories, academic books, the list is endless. In a nutshell, they are useful gifts that could be beneficial for both teachers and students. 

Conclusion: 10 Best Teachers Day Gift Ideas In India

People give gifts to special people in their lives to proclaim how much they feel about them. Sometimes words and actions are insufficient, however, a gift may carry all the magic that is needed. It is always a hard task to choose a gift that will put smiles on people’s faces, therefore, a lot of thoughts, consideration and time is needed. 

A teacher plays a very great role in any child’s life, they are like the second family, parents and confidants, hence gifting them with a present is a very fine way to express your gratitude. Teachers day is always a special day for any teacher anywhere in the world and it is certain that any teacher would be so thankful when you recognize their efforts on this special day.  With the above Teachers day gift ideas, it’s certain that when you decide to get one for that special teacher, it will result in happy moments for the both of you.