Obviously sex is the important part of any relationship and so are the sex toys, whether you are married or just dating. Sex plays a vital role in a relationship as we need to express ourselves physically and emotionallyand we desire pleasure from our partner. When you have sex with your partner, your positive emotions towards him or her are bolstered and the more you’re having sex the more such experiences you will feel, these feelings towards partnerbuild-up a better relationship. You can say that sex actually strengthen the core of relationship.Otherwise, both sexual life and the relationship might crumble and lose its shine. It is ultimately all about the intimacy, pleasure, and the sexual expression.

But if you haven’t experimented with sex toys for couples in the bedroom, you’re missing out on a whole world of pleasure.Sex toys are a great way for couples to add more options for erotic play and increase their sexual satisfaction . Sex toys can help revitalize the passion by adding an exciting new element and if in case the sex is already incredible, toys can make it even better. So why not just try some best sex gifts at least for once or you can gift to your partner and tell them to use during sex, it will enhance the intimacy and pleasure as well.

Here in this guide, we’ve came up with some exciting sex gifts for couples, that will just spice up your casual and boringsex. Just checkout the most incredible gifts for sex to gift to your partnerand use it during sex. This guide is about all the best sex gifts for relationship that we found online, get the most thoughtful gift for your partner to spice things up in your relationship. Let’s go:-

Best Sex Gifts For Relationships

 1. KamaSutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack:-

KamaSutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack or you can also say the pack of happiness and pleasure. This box contains 50 ml lubricant 1, KS ribbed condoms 3s pack1, KS intensity condoms 3s pack1, KS dotted condoms 3s pack1, KS super thin condoms 3s pack1, KS excite chocolate flavoured condoms 3s pack1, KS excite vanilla flavoured condoms 3s pack1, KS excite strawberry flavoured condoms 3s pack1, 24 disposable bags, 1 Pleasure Points booklet, 1 Love Dice,1 KS Key Chain,1 Feather Teaser, 1 Satin Blindfold and 1 Scented Gel candle.Kamasutra skin condoms are made from poly-isoprene, a specially formulated new non-latex material and has been clinically proven to enhance stimulation. This is best gift box for your partner after marriage, as I said it is the full package of happiness, it will spice up your honeymoon and add little spark to the sex.


 2. Hetkrishi Naughty Handcuffs and Blindfold Set:-

This kinky starter kit includes a blindfold, and a silky wrist cuffs  all of which you can use to unleash your inner madness. Seeing your girl in these will automatic turn you on. Toy handcuffs are functional so that they can be worn on the girl’s wrists or she can hang them from a belt loop or handbag. They are available in three different seductive colour and also extremely affordable. The handcuffs has fur which looks really cute and a key is given for those handcuffs. In the blindfold mask “be naughty” is printed in a very excellent way. You will not regret buying this, feedbacks are also great. Just get this for your partner and enhance the wildness in your relationship.


 3. Vaidya’s Herbo Power Oil for Men:-

Herbo24TUrbo Oil is a natural lubricating oil made from Ayurvedic herbs for men. It enhances the performance in sex and maintain health. Free from chemicals and other artificial ingredients, the natural lubricant poses no known risk of side effects when used as per the product recommendations. For best results massage gently two times in a day with hands and see the result. It is 100% natural, so obviously no side effects. It contains highly effective, time tested ingredients such as Shilajit, Akalkara, Jayphal, and Lavang. Improves endurance, lubrication and promotes intimacy and stimulation for the couple. Along with the performance and lubrication it also improves blood circulation and helps to reduce stress and comes in very affordable price. So go get it, and enhance the joy in your relationship and make it even more strong. Gift it to your boyfriend or husband and see how it goes.


 4. Durex Play Massage:-

This is the best sensual 2 in 1 gel for body massage and lubricating intimate areas as well. You all have used Durex condoms, but this is something different and more fun. It is a completely safe lubricant gel for smooth and comfortable love-making with your partner. Durex has a range of personal lubricants, ideal to experiment with, until you find the one that suits you best. Besides using condoms for safety, using a lube can add excitement to your sex life. Just try it once and you will get used to it soon. It safest way for lubrication and pleasure. It is made with seductive Ylang Ylang for more sensual experience and pleasure. You can gift it to your partner on the wedding night, honeymoon or any special occasion. It is very pocket friendly and quantity is great as well.


 5. Xs and Os Women Lingerie Combo Set:-

Make first move in the bedroom with this lacy lingerie set. It comes in various colours and sizes. Looks really sexy which turns your partner on immediately. This might be a best present for yourself if you want to slip into something more comfortable on your special night with the special person or you can get it for your girl, if you want to see her in something seductive. If you looking for sexy lingerie that will flaunt your curves, then this is the absolutely perfect choice for you. Babydoll lingerie designed from high quality mesh fabric for extra comfort. Show off your wildness in this attractive see through lingerie night dress. The bikini bra panty set makes a perfect combination for romantic nights. This is best sex gift if you want to make your first night more memorable and wild as well.


 6. LoveRollers Basic Red Love Pillow:-

If you are married and still don’t have a baby, then this pillow is only for you. This pillow helps the couples who are facing difficulty in conceiving. As we all know that after ejaculation the woman should continue to lie on her back with her pelvis slightly tilted upward for 20 to 30 minutes in order to help the sperm reach their goal. You may give it a try as it wouldn’t cause any harm, who knows if it works. This pillow will speed up the conceiving process and prevent the sperm from getting affected by the acidity in the vagina.Just get it for your partner and get ready to hear the good news soon. It is affordable, smooth and soft on skin with vibrant colour and cutest sex gift that you can ever give to your partner.


 7. Indigifts Romantic Gift Combo:-

This is a love set of 5items to improve your sex life and relationship as well. This combo contains 1 love activities fun game book, 1 quirky eye mask, 1 handcuff set, 1 artificial rose and 1 greeting card. Make your love moments more special with this designer sex gift combo and surprise your partner with the most romantic and naughty ideas. The book features a mutual agreement, compatibility tests, bucket list, family tree, collage page, compliments page maze game, shot glass, dice game, crossword, undress game, important dates and lot more to explore. You will surely get to know a lot about your partner at the end of this book and other items in this combo. This set will just make you explore your partner from inside to outside. Make sweet memory with this sweet gift combo. It will bring you even more closer. All the items are very and red in colour, which is obviously the colour of love.


 8. Billebon Above Knee Net with Pillow:-

This is the most breath-taking combo with a cute pillow and sexy above knee nightwear. It will give you that slim fit which will definitely make your figure stand out as it is designed by the experts who has years of experience in this industry. The backless design of this dress will make you more enticing while making sure that your man won’t be able to resist you. It will also give you the most comfortable experience while looking like the sexiest person who has ever walked the earth. This nightwear is made with 100% mesh fabric with a mixture of polyester and spandex which makes it extremely smooth to the touch. Comes with a sexy heart pillow that can help elevate different parts of your body while you’re having fun with your partner. You will get different colours to choose from like black, pink, blue and etc. To make your night as colourful as your nightwear. Wearing this lingerie will also boost your self confidence, so get it for yourself or your partner and make your night even more special.


 9. Scented Glass Jar Candle with Rose Fragrance for Bedroom:-

If you are about to have a romantic night with your special one, then you should consider this rose fragrance candle as it will make your surrounding as delightful as you are and make your sex more warm and relaxing. These great-smelling gourmet candles will knock her socks off! It’s sexy, seductive, and will keep you wanting more. The aroma of expensive Rose essential oils will promote feelings of relaxation for more romantic experience. It is made with 100% organic soy wax, vegan, renewable & sustainable. Free of all dyes, phthalates & toxins.Surrounding matters a lot in order to make moment special. It comes with assorted luxury packaging, exquisite outside box with lid. These candles will be a nice gift pack for your romantic night. Price is very reasonable and the candle will last for long, I mean can light up your whole night with a seductive fragrance that will not let your partner stop even for a minute.


 10. Dirty Truth or Dare Game for Couples:-

I can bet on this that this is the only book in your entire life, you don’t get bored of. And obviously this is the only book that can make your sex life more interesting and fascinating. This book it’s for a couple designed to give you both lots of pleasure and dirty kinky fun. Whether you’re just dating or newlywed every couple wants an exciting and steamy sex life. This game is both intimate and fun, and your sex life will never be the same. It is filled with 100 truth or dare naughty questions that will instantly spice up your sex life and also you will get to know your partner and his/her sex desires and much more. Let me give you an example of truth and dare that are included in this book-

Truth – What fantasy would you like to fulfil that you haven’t talked about?

Dare – Spread peanut butter on my crotch, and remove it all using your tongue.

And many more such questions that will entirely make your sex life thrilling and wild of course.


Conclusion:- Best Sex Gifts For Relationships In India

That’s it!!! All the gift ideas that your partner will appreciate. Giving sex gifts to your partner truly shows thatyou are paying attention to your partner’s wants or needs. So just accept the fact that spicing things up in the bedroom is the most romantic thing that you can do for your partner. Pick the best sex gift and enjoy your life with your special one as whatever you choose from our list will be pretty fun for both of you and your partner. So just make thelazy nights a whole lot hotter with a few presents that enrich your quality time in the bedroom.

We all know that an active and exciting sex life is something that many couples would like to have and enjoy everyday. So don’t be afraid of experimenting with these exciting sex gifts. These gifts will only make your partner want more and more of you. Have fun!!!