When you come across the word Santa, you already know that gifts are a companion. You might be thinking of getting a gift to someone you know, they may be your neighbors, friends, family etc. The best present for people you care about is always that gift that is well thought off. Everyone wants a gift that they wouldn’t want to store in a drawer or closet. Have you ever been in a situation where you remember the name of the person that you want to get a gift for but your mind goes off when you think of the best present that will suit them? If so, then you don’t have to be worried since the following list of gifts will get that weight off your shoulders.

Best Secret Santa Gifts In India

1. Socks




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A pair of socks can be the best gift that you can get for someone you know or someone you are beginning to know. After all, the art of gifting doesn’t necessarily need you to know everyone.  When you opt for this gift, you are actually thinking of how better your loved ones or people you know will get comfortable during their daily routines and the time they sleep. 

There are a variety of socks in the market that will suit every person’s taste, style and preferences hence making it to be a more adorable gift you can give to people you care about. Since the feet lack enough sweat glands, you can develop odor if you don’t wear socks. Socks have the ability to cushion your feet against the lining of your shoes to prevent your feet from blisters or sores as well as providing warmth during the cold days and every time you put them on when in bed; you get a well-deserved rest. 

Did you know that your feet are always in risk of getting fungus when exposed to prolonged moisture? If so, then getting socks as a secret Santa gift won’t be a wrong idea. Therefore, Socks are a perfect Secret Santa gift, they are like a hug that starts from the feet. Additionally, with this gift, you not only get to warm the feet of people you care about but also their hearts.

2. Hats and Caps


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Hats and Caps? Yes of course, everyone likes a stylish and a cooler look, therefore, Hats and Caps can be a perfect gift for a person yearning for that. There are people that don’t think much about putting on or hats and caps but with a cap or hat that is well thought off, they can always reconsider their options. If the people you care about are fashion conscious, then you don’t have to worry since technology is at its best, you can always pick brands that suit their style and taste. Hats and Caps help in protecting people you care about from the hot sun’s rays hence making their outdoor adventure a cooler one. 

This type of gift not only keeps their heads warmer but also cooler from the hot rays of the sun. Nothing can draw attention to your face like a hat or a cap, and with a uniquely selected outfit, you can rock the streets or even offices. You can also try getting personalized Santa Caps for the people you love for Christmas day or eve. Since nobody likes a gift that they will put in the drawer and forget, caps and hats can be very useful in their daily routines, whether it’s summer or winter, they are always the best companions since there are hats and caps for every season.

3.Water Bottles


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Drinking water is a perfect habit when it comes to health. Water has the ability to give you satisfaction, keep your body hydrated, reduce some weight and give your skin glows. There are water bottles that are designed to satisfy a number of needs such as a Hydro Flask. This is a perfect gift for people who can’t move around without drinking coffee and those who constantly need something to remind them to drink more water.

Do you have a close relationship with anyone who is a fitness fanatic? If so, then this product is the best Secret Santa gift you can get for them. Hydro flasks are awesome products that fit any personality, whether they are a new kid in school, neighbor, friend, family or colleague. They come with a variety of styles that you can choose from, and if you still want something personalized, modern technology gets your back. You can’t go wrong when you opt for this gift when you play Santa since you will always be remembered every time your loved ones use this product to drink coffee or water. If you want your loved ones to enjoy every sip they take, check for gifts of this kind in the gift store or any outlet nearby.

4. A Deck of Cards



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Did you know that a deck of cards consists of 52 playing cards that actually represent the 52 weeks on the calendar? The deck consists of four suits that represent the four seasons in a year, one joker to represent 365 days and the second joker when it’s a leap year. Each of the suits represented prominent pillars in the middle ages with a diamond suit representing the merchant class, the heart suit represented the church, the spade suit represented the military and the club suit represented agriculture. That said, this can be a perfect gift for your family, friends and colleagues that like playing games.

Thanks to technology, you can always get a customized set to suit the taste of your loved ones. The best gift is always a well thought gift therefore, a warm personal touch will score you marks on your loving and caring abilities. There is nothing that makes a gift giver happy than a happily received gift, therefore, before deciding about this gift, a considerable amount of time and thought is needed to make this gift perfect.

5. Pajama Pants



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Everyone always wants the best for their loved ones, and the gesture of gifting your loved ones with Pajamas for a peaceful and comfortable sleep is not an exception. It’s certain that no one would want their outside clothes to get in bed with them since they never know what they were exposed to. When in an open environment, you get exposed to dirt, people, dust, chemicals, the list is endless, in a nutshell, you wouldn’t want to carry all that into your bed. 

It is not advisable to sleep with tight clothes at night since they make the body’s blood flow to slow down and the only time our bodies stay stress free and relaxed is during slumber time, therefore this is the perfect time for the blood to freely circulate in our bodies. When you play Secret Santa, gifting your loved ones with such a present will not be a bad thing, it only shows how you care about their health and comfort when they sleep.  Pajamas are made loose and light so that they can offer comfort during sleep hours. Currently, there are many types of pajamas that are of different fabric such as cotton, silk etc. that are designed to suit your sleeping needs. Cotton pajamas are the best night pajamas you can get your loved ones since cotton is a breathable fabric. That said, Cotton pajamas will allow your loved ones to feel free and relaxed when they sleep. You may also think of personalized pajamas to give the gift a warm personal touch.

6. Charging Station



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Any one who has ventured into the tech world always depends on their electronic devices, but their batteries can’t last forever because they need to be charged once in a while. Why should the people you care about always have to search for their chargers or devices when there is a solution to that? A charging station makes things easier because innovations are supposed to make the world a better place. 

With a charging station, you can always have a dedicated location for your devices when they are charging hence reducing the chances of you taking time to search for them in case you forget where they are. As you plan to play Secret Santa, you should keep in mind that the world is changing and everybody needs a better world. 

That said, a charging station can prove to be the best gift you can give to the people you care about on Christmas day or Christmas eve. A gift like this only shows how you care for their modern needs and the only thing that can result from this gesture is being loved more. Therefore, you wot go wrong when you visit the gift store for gifts of this nature.

7. Plant Pots




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Plants are known for their ability to provide fresh air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. From studies and research, plants are said to be good for human health because when they are planted indoors, they help improve levels of concentration, manage stress levels as well as boosting moods. Houseplants are very useful living accessories of beauty, they have the ability to infuse your homes with warmth, making your room a focal point and softening the transitions between the spaces. 

If the people around you always have a habit of growing plants in their houses, then a plant pot will be a very perfect Secret Santa Gift. However, when you opt for this item as a gift, always pick a light colored one so that it can reflect heat and keep roots cool. Any gift that is well thought of is always the best, since you know your social circle, family and friends great, you won’t miss on the type of plant pot they will find amazing. 

When you give the people you care for with this gift, they will always remember you whenever they water their plants. For gifts of this caliber, feel free to check the gift store or any other outlet nearby.

8. Bath Bombs Gift Set



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Showering every day seems to be a norm for many people, it is very essential to take a shower since it helps remove dead skin cells hence clearing the skin pores for proper functioning of the skin cells; a shower keeps the body bacteria and irritants free. 

Everyone needs a shower especially after a very long and busy day; therefore, a bath bomb gift set can prove to be a handy gift for people you care for. There are a variety of bath bomb sets in the market filled with scents that will turn your loved one’s shower into a spa- like experience. For example, a lavender scented bath bomb will give their bodies stress relief, spearmint scented bath bomb for a cool feeling, grapefruit scented bath bomb for energy, watermelon scented bath bomb for relaxation and vanilla and orange scented bath bomb for providing immunity to their bodies.

Every time they take a shower; you will always be in their thoughts and hence loved more. If you are playing the Secret Santa, you would want to consider this gift for their showering needs. For gifts of this kind, check the gift store and any other outlet nearby.

9. Keychains


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Everyone has at least one set of keys whether car keys, home keys or office keys, therefore, a keychain is the best gift you can give to people close to you. A Keychain is a very useful and thoughtful gift that can leave your loved ones cherishing and remembering the good times shared together every time they open the doors of their cars, office, or even their homes. 

Since everyone one has a taste or style, this gift will be a thoughtful gift when a warm personal touch is added to it, for example, if your loved ones like a popular sportsman figure then a keychain with a picture embedded with their favorite figure will do the magic. There are a variety of keychains in the market that can suit everyone’s style, theme and color, therefore, picking the best one for the people you care about will just be a walk in the park.

10. Reusable Shopping Bags



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Whenever one goes shopping, they are expected to buy some goods and a shopping bag comes in handy since it assists in carrying their goods. Why Reusable shopping bags? Reusable shopping bags are very effective, efficient, durable and eco friendly. Nowadays, there are bags in the market that can accommodate your needs, fashion and style hence a well thought shopping bag is one that describes the personality of the person carrying it around. 

If you are planning for a Secret Santa gift, then a reusable shopping bag with a warm personal touch won’t be a bad idea, you can request for a shopping bag that suits your receivers needs in the gift store. 

The idea of a gift is to show that you care about people around you, therefore, this gesture shows the people you care about for that you are interested in their shopping needs. You can’t go wrong if you opt for this gift since everyone goes for shopping at least once in a while and every time they walk down the streets from shopping, they can always be grateful for this gift.

Conclusion: 10 Best Secret Santa Gifts In India

People give gifts to special people in their lives to declare how much they love and feel about them. Sometimes words and actions are not enough, but with the magic that a gift carries makes it more than enough. It’s always a hard task to choose a gift that will put smiles on people’s faces, therefore, a lot of thoughts and time is needed. Every time people see or hear of Santa, they expect gifts therefore if you are planning to play secret Santa you should give it your best shot because it would hurt to see the gift you gave somebody special in a drawer or a closet or even on the trash bin, therefore, knowing the taste, style and preferences of your friends, family and colleagues is very important. With the above gifts, you will always leave your special ones filled with smiles.