It is never an easy task to choose anniversary gifts for couples whom you love dearly. Two people with different personalities main make a perfect couple but to choose a gift that would suit the personality of both can be a tough job. Gift for a couple should be such that it brings a feeling of love and romance in the air. Along with the love you want to convey to them, they should feel love for each other too.

Traditionally couples were gifted with presents according to the number of years they had been married. For example, if the couple is celebrating the first anniversary, the ideal gift for them would be paper as it symbolises that their lives had been blank and now their togetherness would make a great story. Similarly, silver ornaments are given on the 25th marriage anniversary which is marked as a milestone in one’s journey of togetherness. Are you confused about what to buy for a couple who could be your parents, a relative or friend?

Gift stores and online gift shops are flooded with amazing gift ideas for a couple. You can choose according to the couple you would gift, your budget and convey your best wishes to the couple.

A few interesting gift ideas that may save you from confusion are listed below which are easily available online. Couple Pitaara and Mixunbox are some stores that make unique gifts available online. They can be-

10 Best gifts for couple in India 2021

1) Leather wallet combo gift set

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When you have to gift a couple of something on this special day it should be something which would make them feel equally important. Leather wallet set would be an ideal gift where you get a ladies wallet with heart-shaped key ring to match and gents wallet with a key ring too. All of which comes in a beautiful gift box which makes everything beautiful.

These wallets are stylish and durable and offer a lot of style and comfort to the users. The quality of the materials used to manufacture these products is soft and extremely durable. The wallets are spacious but do not look bulky and can be used every day.

This combo gift set makes a perfect gift for couple which can be given on anniversaries, weddings and many other occasions.


2) Engraved photo plaque

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One of the best gift idea to present a couple is a unique personalised wooden plaque which they can cherish lifelong. The wooden plaques can be custom designed according to the choice of a picture and quotation provided by you. Beautiful memories can be engraved on wooden plaques to stay forever. These plaques come in different sizes and shapes. You can choose according to your choice.

To order this gift you have to mail the picture and quotation you need to be engraved. This unique gift which portrays a special memory of a couple will surely bring a smile to their faces.

These engraved pictures are made of steam beech wood and have a matte finish and give a 3D look. You can touch and feel the photo engraved on the wood. The colours of the picture used to engrave blends perfectly with the base. It is accompanied by a metal rod so that it can be set up on a tabletop.


3) Couple Cushion

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You can surprise your favourite couple by gifting them customised and personalized couple cushions. The cushions can be customised by printing a quote or the relation you hold for the couple, like Mom- Dad, Bhaiya- Bhabhi, and show your love and gratitude towards them. It is a very sweet and simple way to pamper your favourite couple on their special day. The cushions are printed with lovely quotes. These cushions are made of satin material and can be used on a sofa, bed, chair, or car.

The cushions are vacuum packed with inner fillers hence it comes in a very flat and compressed way. Once the packing is removed it re-fluffs by itself and retain its shape.

The cushions come in a variety of colours and you may choose your best. The cushions are durable and last for a long time. They are colourfast and can be washed easily. It is mostly recommended to machine wash it in cold water.


4) Couple Coffee Mugs

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Coffee mugs are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. Couple coffee mugs can make a perfect gift for your favourite couple whom you want to pamper. Be it any relationship, coffee mugs are the most utility gift. A quote or a picture with the relationship mentioned gives a personal touch. Every time the couple sips their coffee, they would remember you.

These mugs can be printed with the choice of your unique design. They are long-lasting and colourfast. They are printed by the heat transfer process of sublimation. Any amount of washing or water contact will not let the print on the mugs fade.

These mugs are made of ceramic and have a filling capacity of 330 ml. They come packed in beautiful boxes with a safe packaging of thermocol to protect them from breaking. These marks are non-toxic, easy to wash and microwave safe. They make an ideal gift for a couple to make them spend moments together while sipping their favourite beverage.


5) Photo frames

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One perfect gift for a couple on their anniversary would be a photo frame. Ideally, one photo frame would be enough to capture the most memorable moment of the couple and make them feel special. But a collage set of photo frames would prove to be even better. A set of photo frames of different sizes make a perfect collage.

The photo frame is made of simple liquid waste material of glass and back panel material of MDF there are two hooks attached on every piece of rain so that it can be arranged vertically or horizontally as per your preferences.

This set of photo frame collage can be used to decorate the walls and cherish memories it is a perfect way of displaying pictures of the couple’s family. The photo frames can be mounted in different ways on the wall and make their home look more beautiful.


6) Designer romantic love couple statue– 

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Designer romantic love couple statues can make a perfect gift for a couple on their anniversary. It is an ideal way to express your love to the most precious couple in your life. They can be your parents or brother, sister, a friend along with their spouses. These couple of statues come in different designs. Couple statues bring a sense of romance and are used to decorate the home. The statue symbolises love and affection and is a perfect gift for a lovely couple.

The statues are made of high-quality fibre material which is very light in weight they are durable and aesthetically-pleasing to the eyes. Since a long time, these figurines have proved to be the most romantic gift for newlyweds and anniversaries.


7) Silver-plated wine glasses

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Wine/ champagne accompanied by beautiful wine glasses are just perfect to celebrate an occasion like an anniversary. You can gift silver plated wine glasses with antique carvings on it. This is an elegant and beautiful gift with an antique look which add to your celebrations and later used to decorate your home.

These silver-plated wine glasses come in a set of 2, packed in a beautiful red or blue coloured gifts box. It makes an ideal anniversary gift.

These glasses are made of metal and are silver plated. It is 10 inches long and can hold a capacity of 100 ml each. A little care has to be taken with these glasses. They need to be cleaned with the soft cotton cloth to remove the dust when not being used. They should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper or clean cotton and linen cloth to avoid any scratch on the glasses.


8) 3D Moulded Impressions

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This is a gift to create an everlasting memory for your favourite couple on their anniversary. Castings are made with luxury casting kits. This is a gift where you get all the raw materials delivered. You can involve the couple to get the perfect mould instantly. It can be a fun activity for the couple creating memories. And the mould is there always with the couple to cherish those memories.

The improved moulding materials help to capture the minutest details. The materials used to make these moulds are non-toxic, dust-free, and safe for the skin. These moulds have a long shelf life. The moulds are biodegradable and environment-friendly.

The quality of the moulding powder is very superior, easy to use, mixes easily and is non-toxic. The powder is mainly used to mould a body part like hand feet or face. It picks up the finest details of the body part.

The kit contains 1 pack of moulding powder (900 grams), One pack of casting powder (1300 grams). It is apt to create two adult casts.

To make the moulds you need to follow the directions properly that come with the kit. The measurements of different powders, the way of mixing it and make the mould.

What fun it would be for a couple to make a mould of them holding hands. The moment would add up to their romance. This is a gift to create a memory to last for a lifetime through an activity.


9) Personalized crystal 3D illusion lamp– 

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The crystal 3D illusion lamp is a gift for your favourite couple which can be personalised with their names and a quote on wish. These lamps come in different designs of hearts, rose, balloon, bike, or a combination of a rose and heart, lotus, nest, ring shape. The picture of a couple can be e engraved along with the wish or tagline in these lamps.

The lamps are made of crystal and have multi-coloured lighting option. The lamp comes with the remote which helps to change colours. The colours of the lamp can be changed as per your preference. These lamps can be used to decorate your room or home. The lamps give a romantic effect when blowing in the room.

This 3D illusion LED lamp is a perfect gift for a couple on their anniversary. The glow of these lights would add glitter to the lives of a couple. Your favourite couple would love the gift.


10) Assorted gifts

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When a couple has diverse interest and likings you can always combine different types of gifts in a hamper. The gifts can be chosen as per the liking of the individual. For example, hamper of different types of cosmetics can be curated for when men and women differently. A second option could be perfumed to suit both the partners or a watch set for both. The females can be gifted differently, like stuff toys along with chocolates while the man can be e given a personalized pen.

As you browse the online gift stores you will come across a lot of gift options which you can combine to suit your budget. This kind of gifting would make the couple happy as they both get gifts according to their interest and liking.

If you want to go in for just one single gift you can ask for home decor gifts like bed sheet, kitchenware, bar accessories. While you plan to buy a gift for your favourite couple you just need to keep in mind a few things.


Conclusion: Best gifts for couple in India 2021

The gift should come well under your decided budget. Gifts are a way to show your love and care that does not mean that you go overboard with your expenses. The gift should always be chosen keeping in mind its utility for the recipient. In also should suit the personality, preferences and needs of the couple. Whatever gift you choose they are away to show love care and gratitude and for sure your efforts would be highly appreciated by the recipients.