Diwali is a very special and significant festival in the Indian culture which is celebrated every year. Diwali festival is marked by lighting up candles, lamps or fireworks among other things. It is a festival of light that marks a new beginning and the victory of good over evil. This festival is celebrated all over the world by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness as well as knowledge over ignorance. When you give in to the Diwali spirit, you will find it very fun. Since it comes once in a year, it is undoubtedly very special. Sometimes you have to go out of your way to make it a very memorable festival.

The best thing you can do for your employees is making sure that they feel loved and cared for. Sometimes, words and actions may not be adequate. Gifts always have a way to speak more, therefore, getting them gifts to mark this special festival not only makes them feel loved and cared but also helps to build stronger and better professional relationships. Corporate gift-giving is undoubtedly a great gesture for any employee and for this reason, the following list of gifts will lighten up any employee’s day and leave a good memory that will stay fresh in their minds.

Best Diwali Gifts for Employees In India


1. Candles


Diwali is a festival of light that is celebrated around the globe to mark a new beginning and triumph of good over evil, therefore, there is no better gift to give your employees to light than a candle. Nowadays there are a number of candles that you can choose from, therefore, getting one that can decorate, emit a sweet scent and colour an office or home is easy. Who doesn’t like scented candles? This type of candles are therapeutic, therefore, they not only help your employees mark this special festival but also help them relieve stress. Scented candles have the ability to turn an office’s atmosphere to smell like a lobby in a five-star hotel.


2. Desk Accessory holders


Everyone likes to work in an organized environment; therefore, a desk accessory is a very perfect gift for any employee. A desk accessory holder is used to store a lot of office accessories such as pins, pens, paper clips etc. A desk accessory holder not only helps to organize your employee’s desk but also gives it an elegant look. This type of gift helps an employee who is fond of multi-tasking whereby they can always get the things they need in one place without the need of searching them behind or underneath the desk. Diwali festival is all about giving thanks and appreciating people for their contributions, therefore, your generosity won’t go unnoticed with such a gift. After all, the best gift for any employee would be a gift that would serve a purpose and make their job easy. There many designs you can choose from however a desk accessory holder with a personal warm touch will be the best gift for any employee.


3. Dry fruits and sweets


These are perfect gifts which are very convenient as bulk corporate gifts since they are easily stored, transported and distributed. Dry fruits in a basket not only not look elegant and classic but also provide health benefits. A gift always has a way of telling a person that you love and you care about them, so, your employees will always feel cared for with this kind of gift on Diwali. Sweets always speak of their luxurious nature, therefore, this is a very perfect gift for any employee. Award the sweets to symbolize how sweet they are to you and thank them for the great job and effort they put in their work even when the odds were against them since Diwali is all about marking a new beginning and the victory of good over evil. Don’t forget to add a special Company greeting card in the basket. 


4. Office Bags


Employees are known to carry things to the office or even store their personal or basic essentials, hence an office bag is the best gift you can give them. Whether a laptop bag or a briefcase, the best gift is always a thoughtful gift, therefore, a personalized office bag will do the magic for any employee. You may opt for the bags to be printed with the company’s logo because a gift of this nature not only helps them to carry or store their essentials but also sell or advertise the company every time they come from their homes or go home. This type of gift will always leave you appreciated as it injects a sense of generosity and recognition.


5. Mouse pads and Computer Stickers


Diwali is a festival of light and nothing would match a gift that will make your employees feel special. Most offices nowadays are run by the aid of technology therefore, gifts of this nature can be perfect accessories to any Employee who has a computer on their office desk or even at home. A mouse pad is the most important thing that is used to determine your mouse movement hence making it a very perfect accessory for any person working on a computer screen.

On the other hand, computer stickers make a computer or laptop identifiable. Customized mouse pads and stickers not only give their desk an elegant look but also display the company’s brand or message hence increasing brand recognition. That said, you will never go wrong with this kind of gift because they are a perfect gesture that you care about the needs of your employees hence motivating them to work even harder.


6. Water Bottles


Drinking water is a habit that is practised by many. Water has the ability to quench any one’s thirst and hydrate anybody as well as reduce some bodyweight and keep anyone’s glowing. In other words, drinking water does not only give anyone a satisfactory feeling but also beneficial health-wise. The market is vast therefore getting water bottles that can suit the needs of any employee is easy. A water bottle is always a perfect gift for employees who love keeping their bodies hydrated. Water bottles serve as perfect reminders, they can help any person who needs reminding to drink water. Every employee needs to feel their efforts and contributions are appreciated; therefore, you won’t go wrong with this gift to mark the Diwali festival. The best gift for anyone is always a thoughtful gift. 

Modern technology has made things easier nowadays, you can always get a water bottle customized to match any person’s style, taste and preference. With this kind of gift, your employees will always appreciate you for thanking them with such a gift every time they stay hydrated, they will always enjoy every sip of water that they take.


7. Coffee Makers


If you own a company or organization, you should always remember to thank and appreciate your employees because they greatly contribute to the success of any business. Your generosity shouldn’t be felt by family and friends only. And what other way than a gift to mark the Diwali festival? A coffee maker as a gift is like bringing their kitchen close to their office, therefore, they can always refresh during their busy schedules without the need of making coffee runs now and then. A great gift for any person is always that gift that is thoughtful as well as serving a purpose. 

The good thing about a gift of this nature is that it can serve a great pool of employees. There are many types of coffee makers in the market, therefore getting a coffee maker that can even serve an entire department is easy. That said, you will never go wrong when you opt for this kind of gift. The only thing that will result from this extended generosity gesture is a happy employee base. That said, happy employees always work efficiently towards the success of any organization.


8. Passport Holders


Passport holder? Yes, this gift may not be beneficial to the organization; however, it is a very thoughtful gift that you can give to your employees to mark the Diwali festival. A passport holder is such a nice way to store your passport in a secure and tight manner. Gifts are always a way of appreciation on any occasion; therefore, you can never go wrong with this type of gift. Remember, a happy employee is always a great asset in any organization and a gift is just another incentive that helps boost their contributions towards the success of an organization.


9. Clock


Whether an alarm clock or wall clock, what is of essence is time. Every employee needs something that can help them keep track of time. This type of gift not only helps them in organizing their schedules but also gives their offices or homes an elegant look. The clock market is vast as new designs continue to flood the market as time goes by, therefore, getting a clock that will be perfectly fit their style is easy. Every boss would love to see their employee’s contribution towards the success of the organization hence a gift of this nature can help their employees keep their work or schedules in order. Are you looking for a gift that instils a sense of being punctual and value of time? Look no more because a gift of this nature will do the magic.


10. Gold Idols


Gold has been popularly used to symbolize wealth, therefore gifting your employees with Gold idols only tells a story of appreciation and wishing them the best in life. For instance, Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity, therefore getting a gold idol to mark this occasion will be a perfect gift that you give to your employees. There is nothing that can surpass a gift that is well thought. The Lakshmi goddess is also celebrated during this festival in Hindu households therefore, this gift will only leave your employees chuffed to bits. There are many other options that you may consider, you can also opt for silver coins or gold coins engraved with goddesses that you can gift your employees with to always carry around in their daily routines.


11. Chocolates


Almost everyone likes a piece of chocolate sometimes, therefore, they are like keys that open doors of the heart for anyone and your employees won’t be an exception. Chocolates are very popular gifts for several occasions and the Diwali festival won’t prove to be a misfit. Chocolates are available in an array of flavours hence getting the tastes that will suit your employees is just a walk in the park. Are your employees sweet? If so, giving them this gift will only show how sweet they are to you. When you opt for this kind of gift, don’t forget to make them personalized, since they have to convey a gesture of gratitude. If you are still wondering how, here is a tip, try to add a beautiful Diwali message on them either by adding a Diwali note on the whole package or request for a customized wrapper.


12. Personalized Notebooks and Pens


Notebooks and pens are perfect office accessories. With this type of gifts, your employees can always make long term plans, write down duties assigned, take notes from meetings, write down big ideas as well as personal notes. In other words, they are kind of gifts that will not only mark the Diwali festival but also make a great contribution to the success of any organization. With modern technology at its best, it’s now possible to add a warm personal touch to any gift. You can customize the notebooks and pens in the form of engraving, whether with the organization’s logo on top of their names or just their names.  Your employees will always cherish this kind of gesture, and the icing on the cake is, the ideas they put down can be used to lift the company to greater heights.


13. Photo Frames


Photo frames are used to keep pictures that always mean something to someone. Photo frames are very thoughtful gifts that help one keep memories afresh. Sometimes, employees always have that person that motivates them in their lives or helps them remember the reason as to why they need to work hard, therefore you will never go wrong with this kind of a gift. One might put pictures of their loved ones or even pics of their first time when they scooped the employee of the month award. 

Photo frames help a lot especially when you need to take a moment and look back at the things you have achieved in life. Nothing would be so perfect as a photo frame to mark the Diwali festival. It’s always hard to tell what anyone likes in the office however if you know of a certain memory that your employee would like to keep close forever, then a photo frame with a picture of that memory will just be the icing on the cake.


14. Keychains


Many people have at least a set of keys, they can be car keys, office keys or even home keys, therefore, a keychain is a very perfect gift you can reward your employees with to mark the Diwali festival. Keychains are useful and thoughtful gifts that you can give your employees to keep their keys organized. This type of gift not only helps organize or attach their keys but also helps them secure the keys especially for people who have the habit of losing keys. This type of gift will not only leave your employees cherishing your appreciation gesture but also help strengthen your professional relationship. 

They will always remember this gesture every time they take out their set of keys to open the doors of their offices, cars and homes. There are a number of keychains designs in the market that can suit your employee’s theme, colour and style, therefore, picking the best keychains that meet their personalities will just be a walk in the park. Thanks to modern technology, you can always request for a personalized keychain since the best gift is always that gift that has a personal touch. For instance, keychain can be customized with a picture of your employee or you can even write their names on it. This gesture will always leave your employees happy, whether on their way to work or on their way home.


15. Personalized Mugs


There are plenty of coffee or tea lovers in any office, therefore this gift can be a perfect one for employees of this nature. There are many designs or brands that will fit any taste, style and personality in the office. However, personalized gifts are undoubtedly thoughtful gifts hence more appealing than any kind of gift. Thanks to modern technology, you can now request for customized mugs to suit your choice of style. You can even request a mug with the company’s logo printed, therefore, they not only satisfy their coffee or tea cravings but also get a premium feeling.

Conclusion : 15 Best Diwali Gifts for Employees In India

Diwali is a very significant festival in India and during this time, businesses, companies and organizations reward and recognize people’s input in their success. Employees are very important when it comes to the growth of any organization. Their input in the organization’s success is simply something that you can’t thank them enough for. Therefore, a thoughtful Diwali gift is a perfect way to recognize their contribution as well as appreciate their efforts. Diwali is a festival that is celebrated to mark new beginnings and victory, therefore, useful employee gifts are a perfect way to celebrate organizational achievements as well as give thanks. That said, you will never go wrong when you pick a gift from the above list