Giving gifts to your employee and colleagues is a step to build a strong relationship and move in the right direction as the thoughtfulness behind it counts and it is always appreciated.                                                       

People, especially owners, are always very confused about what type of gift they will give to their lovely employees. But with the help of this article, we will provide some great and judicious gift options that would make the service of your receiver appreciated. 

Gift-giving is something which makes us feel good. You would select that type of gift which will give happiness and will create a memory for the receiver. You bring the attention towards yourself by giving a gift, what we select, who is the person, and what your agenda for giving it is. 

Gifts are of many types like Gifts of LOVE, Gift of Time etc. It totally depends on our way which type of gift we want to give. These are some of the great ways to express your gratitude and sense of thankfulness towards your hard-working employees. 

However, you can purchase some gift utilities from Gift stores too and can gift them to make them more happier. One important thing which you should consider while purchasing a gift item is that you must have a selfless mind because love, blessing and heart matters a lot. It really doesn’t matter whether the gift is expensive or not. It should be like something which can impress the receiver. Now we will discuss all our shortlisted top 10 corporate gift items one by one:-

   Best Corporate Gifts In India


  • Portable Phone Charger
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Tablets and Notebooks
  • Headphones
  • The Home Wifi Camera
  • USB Flash Drive 128GB
  • Smart Watch
  • Laptop Bag
  • Rewarding Staff  WIFI Vouchers


“No matter what’s the occasion, it’s always a good idea to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work. And for that, you can give them some good kind of corporate gift type stuff that your employee can use often. 

Well, placing an order for a good corporate gift is a difficult and hard task because you have to buy similar kinds of gifts for equal level or employees, which also fit your budget. If you are confused and can’t make up your mind on which type of gift you should order, don’t worry we have mulled 10 corporate gift options in this article. Check all of them now:

Best Corporate Gifts In India


1.Portable Phone Charger:-


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Portable phone charger is one of the best ideas for giving gifts. In our today’s day to day life, we don’t have much time to charge up our phones. Because Mobile Phones are something which we are totally dependent on, that’s why making it to charge rapidly with a good quality Portable Phone Charger is something which is definitely very appealing. 

Mobile phones help us in doing a lot of numerous tasks like calling, online meeting, interaction with other people etc. But after some time, the battery loses its charge over a time for which there is a requirement of a portable power charger for rapid charging. 

Main benefit of power banks is that you can continue with your work without wasting time. Gifting a small portable charger is a great option because it will easily fit into your pocket too. 

Gifting a portable mobile charger is probably a great idea because when the receiver uses your gift for the purpose of charging, then he/she will always remember you for sure. It is worth it to give this gadget to your loved ones.  


2.Bluetooth Speaker:  


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One of the best options to give your employees a gift is a good quality Bluetooth speaker. It is a very unique idea to gift a speaker to them. Bluetooth speaker provides a convenient way to listen to music which is small in size and portable too. 

They can connect their phones and gadgets with it and can play their favourite songs hassle-free. Bluetooth Speakers can be placed anywhere inside the house and it can be operated directly from phones using Bluetooth connectivity. 

But don’t ever forget to look for the Brand tag while purchasing it. You must purchase a good quality branded Bluetooth speaker which should have a good battery backup and base. Bluetooth speakers are mostly available in an affordable price range and the ones who are expensive are not a great choice for gifting purposes. 

So, it’s better you should go to a Gift Store in your city and select the best Bluetooth speakers which are both economical and of high-end quality.   




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In this technology driver era, tabs and notebook gadgets are contributing well enough for making it convenient for the users to operate different technical tasks at any place. 

It is pretty much easy to work on a tablet or Notebook as compared to mobile phones because they have a large screen and great battery backup as well. Anyone can carry it with themselves and use it reliably. 

There are many different types of tabs available in the market. Premium tech brands like Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi manufacture tablets and notebooks which are cost-effective. Nevertheless to say, Apple MacBooks and tablets are a bit more expensive than the other ones available in the market.  

You definitely can’t gift it to all your employees but it is probably a very great idea to gift it to your most valuable employees. So, it’s better you should shortlist your most valuable clients and then gift them this incredible Gadget.     




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Headphones is another very incredible gifting option available out there for everyone. There are an unlimited number of brands available out there in the market who manufactures a lot of high quality wireless headphones and earphones. 

Compared to wired headphones, we will recommend our readers to go for wireless headphones because they are much more reliable and convenient to use. Moreover, the cost of both wired and wireless are pretty much affordable. 

You can purchase them from any nearby Gift Shop or can order them from online E-commerce websites as well.


5.The Home WiFi Camera:-



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Considering a WiFi Camera to gift your employees is yet another very fabulous idea which is indeed a unique idea in itself. 

This may be very helpful for an employee especially if they have kids in their house. They can look at the inside view of their houses even when they are at work in offices. Our futuristic technology and devices have enabled us to be leaders in the security market. The home WiFi camera has these key specs:

  • Remote control, 360-degrees rotations control the camera by sliding on your phone screen.
  • Easy-to-setup, only need 3 steps downloading VSmaHome APP & follow as its instructions, configurations will be done.


6.USB Flash Drive 128GB:-



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This is probably another very excellent idea for you to give a USB flash drive as a gift to any of your employees. It may be helpful for them in many ways. Like they can save their personal data they want in it hassle free.

Keep in mind that you should always go for those types of USB flash drives which offer fast data transmissions with higher storage capacity. USB flash drives are an economical gift option and without spending too much, you may give a useful asset to your valuable clients. 

You may also consider to give a 1 year subscription of antivirus software along with the USB flash drives to your employees. It will safeguard their PC’s and will protect their privacy as well.    

Features and details- .

Reliable storage option: A jump drive with the Chip tested seriously ensures enough capacity.

High speed: Data transmission speed of popular USB flash drives is pretty much appealing. That’s why it becomes a suitable gifting option for all.   


7. Smartwatch:


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Gift your employee a smartwatch. This may help them to organize their routine better. It will also promote their efficiency to do more work with extra concentration. Most smartwatches and wearables include some basic health tracking features that can be used to maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

It has all the features of a smartwatch and this is a perfect gift for any employee for sure to appreciate.  

Smartwatches have a lot of features in them. They are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

Wearing some premium smartwatches will create a good impression in the meetings with big clients too. In fact there are many good looking watches out now – big ex is Apple watch.

Branded smartwatches like the apple, Samsung Gear S2, Huawei Watch are a great choice to gift your special employees. As smartwatches are pretty much expensive, that’s why you can only consider some limited number of your employees to gift it. It will keep them updated about their schedules, reminders, notifications and much more.  

They are much more effective especially when your employees are attending a meeting with clients because generally the people who are attending the meeting aren’t supposed to use their phone in between. So, in case of an emergency, you may leave your message which they can read on a smartwatch screen without using their phone in front of everyone. 


8. Laptop Bags:-


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Laptop carry bag is yet another very decent option available that can be considered as a Corporate Gift. Everyone knows that Laptop is a must to have accessory gadgets in the Corporate sector especially in the IT sector. 

So, if you gift your employees a good looking and high-quality Laptop bag, then they will surely get impressed by your efforts. The ordinary Laptop bag which comes with the Laptop itself doesn’t last longer than a year. That’s why if you purchase a branded Laptop bag with good material used for manufacturing, then you will get some high-end praise and appreciation from your employees. 

We know that it may cost a lot purchasing a decent quality Laptop bag. But trust us, it is a value for money option and you will worth your money if you go with this option. 

You may also put your brand name or company name on the bags. If you give this corporate gift, then this becomes an attractive tool to popularize your company. Customized laptop bags also served as rewards for superior clients and excellent workers. In case, they look very professional, they will replicate your business quality. 

Choose from different color and styles-

One can choose from different colors, styles and materials for attracting people towards your company services. These types of gifts will perfectly suit your company’s reputations. Furthermore, these kinds of gifts make your employees more attached with your company. 

Its unisex- there is the hassle of buying gender specific gift for promotional events, a bag in this scenario makes for the perfect corporate gift to gives for the perfect corporate gift to give both men and women.


9. Gift Vouchers and Brand Vouchers:-


A few complimentary words, or a congratulatory email, are always a good option for managers to thank their employees for the job they are doing. But apart from good words, you can also provide them a supplementary bonus or a ‘gift voucher’. Vouchers, gift cards and digital rewards are definitely a great option which you consider. 

For instance, you may try to think of purchasing a gift voucher of a Clothing brand or any brand which will offer a handsome discount to your employees. These vouchers are available on Gift Stores and you may get them from there for the sake of your purpose. 

They’re also pretty much easy to use, claim and an ideal choice for gifting your employees. 

In an ideal world of personalized rewards, each employee would receive an individually chosen gift relevant to their interests, hobbies and lifestyle. It is possible to provide personally selected gifts- with a massive range of vouchers available. This requires a little bit more effort than a generic gift presented in a personal way.


10.  Sunglasses



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Last but not the least, Sunglasses are yet another very convincing Corporate gift option that might suit both budget and expectation of employees. 

Sunglasses can be very helpful for your clients who travel to different places for work especially in summers when there is sun out there. The sunglasses are available on all gift stores and there is a wide variety of Brands available in an affordable price range. 

However, expensive sunglasses with premium built-quality and case may cost you above your budget. But they will be worth giving to your employees as it will suit their faces when they wear them.  


Conclusion: 10 Best Corporate Gifts In India

To sum up the article, we have mentioned a useful list of some great 10 Corporate gifts that might help you out in selecting the best gifts for your employees. Just go with any gift option that will suit your budget and you will surely receive appreciation from your employees.  

If you have some other great Corporate gift option in your mind, then do let us know in the comments section. We will be glad to get your response.