Return gifts are types of gifts that are given to guests at the end of an event or occasion. Most parents always take their children along when attending events, therefore, there is no other special way to thank and appreciate the little ones than with return gifts. Sometimes, children are invited by neighbours, family members or even friends to attend events such as birthday parties of other little ones. 

The best way to honour and recognize the effort they made is by giving them a present that symbolizes your gratitude. There is no other thing that can match the joy and pleasures of seeing your child growing up, and every time they turn a year older, it becomes something worth celebrating. Therefore, you can always show your gratitude by gifting the kids in attendance with something that they can show off when they go back to their lovely homes. Everybody likes gifts, but the icing on the cake is when you receive them from another person’s birthday party. 

Return gifts have a natural way of pumping any kid with joy and happiness, therefore, the following list of return gifts are the best presents that you can ever appreciate a kid with for attending a birthday party.

Best Cheap Birthday Return Gifts for Kids


1. Bubble Wands



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Kids love playing with Mini bubble wands; therefore, this can be a perfect return gift for any kid that attended a birthday party. Soap bubbles always create a mess, but kids surely love them because they are super fun. Mini bubble wands are designed with numerous colours and sometimes in a set, hence you can always find perfect colourful tubes to fill with a soapy solution for everyone so that they can be able to create big bubbles when they play. 

The good thing about bubble wands is that they are light and portable devices that guarantee many hours of excitement as children create numerous beautiful bubbles. This type of gift is safe for kids to use since some are filled with a non-toxic odourless soapy solution. Return gifts of this nature are suitable for children aged 3 years and above.


2. Car Toys


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Are you thinking of throwing a birthday party or event for your little one and you are worried about a return gift for the kids you invited? If so, there is no need to worry since every kid loves toys. If your guest list features a great number of kids that love playing with tiny cars or vehicles, then this type of gift will suit their playing needs. There are a number of car toys brands and designs that you may want to get, therefore, only your budget will make your choices and if you are on a tight budget, there is always everything for everyone. These car toys are made with light and sturdy materials to endure recurring collisions when kids play with them. Whether you decide to buy mini trucks toys or mini car toys, this kind of return gift encourages kids to be creative by using their imagination. Car toys are available in a large number of designs and build; hence you can always get good car toys even with a small budget. Additionally, Car toys are very suitable for children aged three years and even above.


3. Light Up Bracelets



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If you are planning to make your kid’s birthday party or event a very unique one as well as that party that everyone in town will talk about and remember for quite some time, then it’s time to get this type of return gift. Technology is making the world a better place every now and then and a Light up bracelet is just one of the wonders of technology. They are designed with a LED light that aids in brightening up the character featured.  A light-up bracelet is a very great and useful gift that you can use to express your gratitude to your friend’s kids when they attend your kid’s birthday party. This kind of gift is available in sets which feature different beautiful colours and multiple characters that kids will surely love. The different beautiful colours will not only be unique for your guests but also give these kids an elegant look whether they wear them at home or school.  

You know how kids play roughly, right? These bracelets are made of quality rubber materials to ascertain that they do not slip or slide from the wrist even when they are used roughly. The best thing about the return gift is that it is gender-neutral and suitable for kids aged 3 and above.


4. Puzzles



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Puzzles are considered to be one of the most useful gifts for brain development. They have the ability to bring children together as they try to figure out where the pieces fit. Return gifts of this kind are considered to be like games and there is nothing that will make a game interesting than injecting a sense of fun into it. That said, Puzzles that are made with fun images can make the whole experience fun not only for the children but also for parents who will always want to teach their kids how to assemble the pieces together. 

This kind of gift is family-friendly, therefore, any person around a kid gifted with this return gift can always play a great part. The best thing about this gift is that it is not gender-sensitive, in other words, this gift is a very perfect gift for any young girl or boy. If you are having a birthday party for your little one and you are thinking of a return gift for kids that is gender-free, then this is the perfect gift for that occasion. Return gifts of this nature are more suitable for kids above the age of five. Last but not least, this kind of gift not only enhances any kid’s analytical thinking but also serves as an exciting game to keep children occupied for some time.



5. Cymbals with Handles


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This is another simple gift that you can get for your friends’ kids as return gifts. Cymbals are instruments of music, therefore, giving them to these little ones that attended an event will not only show your gratitude but also your caring character. Cymbals are very popular return gifts in many children’s parties or events, therefore making them a great alternative. Sometimes kids don’t understand when you thank them with kind words, but with a return gift at their disposal, you can perfectly understand how they feel. Cymbals have the ability to keep any kid entertained as well as help build their musical abilities inside them, in other words, Cymbals are great tools that can help nurture music talents. Whether you decide to buy whistles, flutes cymbals etc. to suit the young ones, the thing is, you just helped them get occupied for some time as they try to create beautiful tunes or rhythms at home.


6. Crayons and Coloring Books


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Crayons and colouring books are very perfect gifts that you can give to kids that attended an event. Events such as birthday parties are the best places to show your gratitude. Words and actions may not always find a way of making people feel cherished, however, a gift always has a way to speak more. Encouraging kids to be creative is just another way of making their lives better. That said, crayons and colouring books are great accessories of creativity.  The little ones always have a character of wanting to draw and colour things as they grow, therefore, you will never go wrong with this kind of return gift that inspires art. 

Additionally, these are gifts that are considered budget-friendly yet classic because they are very popular for children. Crayons and colouring books are available based on brands and designs; therefore, you can always choose from a variety. Lastly, this type of gift is more suitable for any child above 3 years.


7. Kaleidoscopes


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If you are thinking of a great return gift that will set your young one’s birthday party apart from the rest, then a kaleidoscope will surely do the magic. Kaleidoscopes are helpful in the learning process because they can be used to teach kids about shapes and colours. They are very suitable for young ones not only because they are educational and fascinating but also because they are gender-neutral.  A great alternative to this kind of gift is a toy binocular, they are designed with durable, non-toxic plastic. This kind of return gift encourages the little ones to explore their immediate surroundings. Last but not least, these kinds of return gifts are suitable for kids aged 5 and above.



8. Pop Up story Books or Comics



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Whether a comic or a pop-up storybook, the idea is showing your appreciation. These types of gifts can serve as a perfect way to express your gratitude. Gifts of this nature have the ability to keep any child entertained as well as promoting a reading habit. These gifts are one of the most popular return gifts for kids because they are considered to be fun and creative. Pop up storybooks and comics have a way of injecting a sense of excitement to your children because they create lovely smiles and laughter during storytime. There is nothing that will make any mother and father happy than a kid full of smiles, therefore, when you opt for this kind of return gifts you not only put smiles on the kid’s face but also make their parents happy as well. If you were to choose between the two related gifts you may want to consider the age group of the children attending because pop up story books are even suitable for kids who are just a year old and on the other hand, comics are very perfect for children above 5 years. Since a happy kid makes a parent happy, you will always want to get one for your kid.


9. Miniature Board Games


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Miniature board games are perfect return gifts especially in this era of digital indulgence. With a miniature board game in the house, kids can always have fun when they play therefore this is a very perfect return gift that can help to make some time for any parent at home. As the kids play and have fun, a parent can always have time to do something else as they watch their children play. This type of gift is very great for children to have around not only because it’s fun but also helps in keeping the kids occupied for a while. With this lovely gesture, the parents of the kid you gifted will always cherish your kindness. 

The best gift for any one is a gift that is thoughtful and useful, therefore, you won’t go wrong when you opt for this kind of gift. There are a variety of these kinds of gifts, therefore getting a gift that will be happily received is a walk in the park. This type of gift will suit any kid above the age of 5, however, some board games come with small pieces that if a parent is not watchful, they may end up choking the little ones. 


10. Globes



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Globes are inexpensive and fun return gifts that your friend’s kids or relatives or colleague’s kids will love and leave a long-lasting impression. These kinds of gifts have the ability to encourage a sense of adventure in kids as well as any receiver. Kids always find globes fascinating and fun therefore, they usually adore them. They are designed to suit a large pool of kids based on their ages. For example, an educational world globe is mostly recommended for kids above the age of five while entertaining and adventurous snow globes are suitable for even kids as young as the age of one. Their prices range according to the size, designs and brands, but they will surely not empty your pockets when you opt for this kind of return gift. Send those kids off to their lovely homes in style with different globes for a sense of uniqueness, your thankful gesture will always be remembered.


Conclusion : 10 Best Cheap Birthday Return Gifts for Kids

The above list contains a lot of return gifts that any kid will surely like but it is very important for you to keep in mind that not all of the kids attending will be of the same age, therefore you may need to consider return gifts for certain age groups or knowing their ages before buying. If you decide on any of these return gifts listed then try to be unique if you decide to pick one kind by getting different colors, and if it’s a themed birthday party then you should close by keeping tabs with the theme. Lastly, the return gifts above are budget friendly therefore you can always pick one that cannot entirely empty your pockets.