Birthdays are always special occasions for any person. Actually, this is the day that you can certainly call your day. Imagine the number of cakes, gifts and the pampering this day brings for you. Birthdays are always more special and important for girls. They make wishes of things they want to achieve or get and a list of things they will need to color the occasion. You can notice that the countdown begins a month earlier and this can be a good reason for you to shop for a birthday gift that will light up their day. 

Girls always cherish and remember people who can go an extra mile to achieve perfection on this wonderful day or people who can make this day a colorful occasion so that it can last long in her mind and in the minds of many. A girl may want a large number of things hence making the process of choosing a perfect a complicated one. The best birthday present is not that gift that only lights up her special day but also makes the entire year special. If you are searching for the best gifts for your girlfriend on her birthday, then you may want to consider the following gifts ideas.

Best Gifts for Girlfriend on Her Birthday In India


1.Forever Flowers:



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Flowers are symbols of appreciation and a medium of expressing your feelings. From just the name itself, Forever Flowers are a better way to show your girlfriend that your love will blossom for many years. Flowers strengthen a love bond because they will make her a happy and romantic person. 

Your girlfriend may not tell you that they want flowers for their special occasions, but what else can color their day than a forever flower? You might have heard people say that diamonds last forever and flowers perish, chances are, they might not have had the chance to witness what modern technology can do. 

This type of flowers can last for a period of twelve months at least and the best part is, you don’t have to maintain them. Everybody has a good and a bad day and flowers are known to brighten up even the dullest day of your life by just looking at them. Now imagine them for your girlfriend, starting from her special day up to the end of the year. It is certain that her days will be bright and that only gives you a great peace of mind. Flowers are like gestures of love and care; therefore, you won’t go wrong when you get one for your girlfriend. These kinds of flowers are available in the gift store or a nearby outlet.

2.Matching Outfits:


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Everyone is more pleased with a gift that has a warm personal touch. Think of how jealous your friends can get when they see your girlfriend a matching birthday gift. You may get a matching outfit with a message printed on them such as “It’s My Queen’s Birthday” and another one printed “I’m the Queen”. 

Thanks to modern technology, getting such gifts has become extremely easy. There are also stand-alone shops that make personalized t-shirts, hoodies etc. upon customer’s request. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be her name on the gift, she might have told you something that she believed in, an inside joke or a secret that is only known to you. You may use that to hide the message from other people and get her to love you even more.

If she always wants you to declare your relationship to the world, then a matching outfit such as a matching couple hoodie set will do. You can get more gifts of this kind in the gift store or an outlet nearby. 




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A piece of jewelry, weather small or big, can always find its way to a girl’s heart. You will always want the best for your girlfriend, right? The Necklace doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you can afford it, well and good, because you value her so much. 

However, if you can’t match the price then you have to put a warm touch and some thoughts on it. When you decide to get her a dainty necklace, all you have to do is choose one that you think will suit your girlfriend but you should remember that what makes it great is its uniqueness. 

Jewelry sets are considered to be the greatest option if you choose jewelry as a present for her on her birthday, this way, she can glow when she matches her clothes and shoes with the piece of jewelry you gifted her. If she likes designer brands, get her a necklace of her favorite brand. And of course, you can get her a personalized jewelry necklace, if you aren’t sure. You just have to show her that however small or big the gift is, it carries loads of love.


4.Laptop and its Bag:


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Sometimes, it really matters when she knows you have been paying attention to all the things, she has been telling you. She might have mentioned that she will soon land a corner office job. What other way to make her feel that you are keen on her interests and deep desires than gifting her with a laptop and its bag? Your girlfriend will always be thankful and happy when you gift her with something that actually represents her. 

What will make the laptop more presentable than placing it in a bag printed with a sweet message? There are many laptop bags that can be used to keep your laptops housed but getting the right one to convey a special message for her is now easier nowadays. There are backpacks that can be used for different purposes in the gift store. You can request for a customized backpack that has a message of your choice. For example, it can be printed with “The Best Girlfriend Ever”, “Happy Birthday” messages that will color her special day.


5.Teddy Bears:



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Teddy bears have a special way of getting into the doors of her heart. Teddy bears can act as a good reminder of some of the memories she would want to keep for a very long time, therefore getting her one is another way to declare that you really care about her. A girlfriend will always appreciate the thought put behind every gift she receives on her birthday because this day is always a special day for everyone. 

Teddy bears are always a very appealing choice as a gift because of their history and the fact almost everyone who has owned them loved them makes them very desirable. When you look at teddy bears, they portray a peaceful and calm feeling or state. Teddy bears are cuddly, fun and always a big hit for this special day. They can also come with a special and personal message note that will suit your preference. For further information, you are always free to check the gift store or any other related outlet nearby.


6.A Gorgeous Watch:



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A watch actually makes her personality shine and you won’t go wrong when you get her one. Getting her a watch as a gift comes with benefits, from the stylish and elegant look on her wrist to perfectly keeping tabs with her busy life and putting it in order.

Before getting her this gift you should keep her dressing style in mind so it can be a springing board when a choice has to be made. Consider getting her a trendy watch or the latest brands since no girlfriend likes to showcase an out of date watch to her friends. When choosing a watch, you have to remember that the watch has to significantly describe your own taste without forgetting that it is for her. 


7.Photo Frames



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Photo frames are a way for her to keep pictures that are very meaningful to your relationship. Photo frames help keep memories afresh. It might be pictures of your first date, or a road trip or even when you went on a romantic vacation. Photo frames help a lot especially when you need to look back at the things you did together. Nothing would be so great on her birthday than a photo frame but the icing on the cake will be when you sit down and select the best pictures of the both of you which represent your love journey. Getting her a wooden Velvet frame won’t hurt you or her. For more gifts of this kind, get them in the gift store or a branch that is near your place of residence.


8.A Coffee Mug:



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A coffee mug is also another idea of a good gift for her birthday. If she likes taking coffee or tea regularly then you can be sure whenever she has it on her hand, you will always come first in her thoughts.  You should make sure that it has a personal touch since uniqueness really matters in a gift. You can get these kinds of mugs online and you will find so many engraved magic messages like “Love you forever”, “Love you forever” or even “Happy Birthday My Love”. There are so many things that you would want her to know especially on her big day. Thanks to modern technology, you can always request for a mug written messages of your choice. You can find such gifts in the gift store or any other outlet nearby.




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A ring can be a very perfect gift for your girlfriend on her birthday because It symbolizes your commitment. You can bling her with an engagement ring to show her that you are ready to shift from just kissing and holding hands to a more serious stage in your relationship. Before you give her an engagement ring you should be ready to get on this stage of life hence putting more thoughts into the matter. It is a very sweet move especially on her big day, therefore, there shouldn’t be any chance of any disappointment. 

If you have been paying attention to what she says about jewelry then choosing for her the best engagement ring will be just a walk in the park. If you aren’t sure, you should ask her friends or people close to her on the types of jewelry ring she would like to put on forever. A piece of gemstone can add more happiness in her special day and smiles throughout their life and they will be always grateful to have you in their lives.


10. A Gift Card or a Gift Voucher placed in something that symbolizes the special occasion:


Many people feel that a gift card is not an ideal gift for anyone, but when you think about the number of people who have received gifts and ended up not liking them, you will understand that this can be one of the best ideas. Have you thought of a situation where you just met your other significant half just weeks ago, her birthday is just around the corner and you have no idea what they would like for their birthday? This may be your one true love and It might be a short period of time for you to figure everything out. Did you know that not everyone likes surprises? 

Getting a gift card for your girlfriend might seem thoughtless and lazy but, sometimes, the best idea is letting her choose what she wants for her birthday. A gift card is the best gift you can give her on her birthday when there is an effort and a special touch attached to it. With a gift card she has the freedom of purchasing whatever she wants or wanted for her birthday. It is very important for you to know that the way you display your gift card really matters. A gift card should be displayed in a romantic gesture so that your girlfriend feels loved. Otherwise, she might feel that you are just thoughtless and lazy. 

There are a variety of gift cards but getting the card to her and portraying a special message to her may need you to be more creative. For example, you can give her the gift card in a birthday Cupcake Tin, you can also give her the gift card placed in a paper envelope gift holder with a special birthday message in it or even placing a birthday message sticker on the envelope. To arrange for such gifts, you can always visit the gift store or consult a nearby outlet.

Conclusion: 10 Best Gifts for Girlfriend on Her Birthday In India

All girlfriends always have their wishes and desires for things that will make their day bright but what matters most is the amount of time you put on the gift you want to present to her.  Not all girlfriends or relationships are the same, therefore finding a perfect gift that will suit every girl out there is not a walk in the park. 

If you want to get her the best gift for her birthday, then you need to read between the lines because you may get her something that is classic and grand but it may not matter to her. Awarding her with a gift that suits her shows her who is the number one person in your heart. That said, the above products in the gift store will brighten her special day and many more days that follow.