Marriage is an institution of love and togetherness. And if you have lived a lifetime of 25 years with your partner it calls for a celebration. Being married for 25 years is a milestone and something you would always want to celebrate. These 25 years of a couples life must have been full of ups and downs, highs and lows, compromises and sacrifices with unlimited moments of love, togetherness and happiness.

If a couple is celebrating their 25th anniversary, it is a monumental occasion. It calls for a gift. There are many items available online on Amazon collaborating with Couple Pitara and Mixunbox to give them.

Anniversary gifts should be special for the couple and when you are choosing an anniversary gift on the 25th year, nothing can be better than be chosen with a lot of love and care.

When your favourite couple is celebrating their silver jubilee you need to make them feel special with the range of traditional and modern gifts. There are a lot of gift ideas available when it comes to modern ones. They can be-


Couple dinners


Couple spa

Holiday trip

Surprise parties

But when it comes to traditional gifts you can surprise your parents with a gift that makes a difference and touches their life. Gifts with a more personalized and customised with a personal touch. You can give a personal touch by customising photo calendars, clocks, coffee mugs etc.

25th Anniversary Gifts for Couples in India

We bring you a list of top 10 gifts you can buy online on the 25th wedding anniversary of your favourite couple. The exquisite collection of unique gift ideas will make them feel cared and loved.

Best 25th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

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Then and now photo frame


Personalized wall clock with the picture of the couple


Assorted gifts


Couple rings to mark a milestone


Personalized romantic coffee mugs


Personalized couple cushions


Silver-plated wine glasses


Hallmarked silver coins


Couple watches for timeless love


Gift Cards


1) Then and now photo frame

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25 years is a long time to spend with each other. It is a journey of love and shall always be celebrated. You can surprise your favorite couple on their 25th anniversary by giving them a photo frame with a then and now photo. Select the best picture of their early marriage days and one from today. Put them in a beautiful photo frame. Amazon has several photo frames available in different sizes, designs and material. You can choose the best to suit couples interiors and preferences. Two pictures in one photo frame would be enough to let the couple realise their journey of being with each other. For sure that feeling would give them great happiness.


2) Personalized wall clock with the picture of the couple

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A wall clock can prove to be a utility gift and be used in any corner of the home. You can make the couple feel by gifting a wall clock and get it personalized with the pictures of the couple. This would add a personal touch. There are many types of clocks available online. Some have designs which would need only one picture. Some would need four pictures for the 12th, 3rd, 6th and 9th hour and some clocks may need 12 pictures for every hour. A clock with the pictures given as a gift would make the silver jubilee couple excited as these pictures are a symbol of their happy times and togetherness.


3) Assorted gifts

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You would want to pamper the couple who is celebrating their 25th anniversary. It would be a nice idea to gift the couple different types of cosmetics and toiletries to pamper themselves. These hampers can be made of shower gels, shampoos, body lotions of luxurious premium brands that are available on Amazon. There are a variety of choices available for both the partners. Customise towels and bathrobes can also be added to the gift.


4) Couple rings to mark a milestone

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The ritual of exchanging rings has been an old age traditional. This act signifies the purity of a relationship and a promise of commitment. You can buy these couple rings from Amazon. The rings gifted to a couple celebrating their 25th anniversary would add to their romance. These are silver plated stainless steel rings. These rings do not fade in colour or react with the skin. They make a perfect gift for the couple. The rings look fashionable and beautiful and make a healthy accessory for fashionable people. Couple rings will be cherished by the couple all their lives as it is a sign of their love for each other.


5) Personalized romantic coffee mugs



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Coffee or tea is a beverage consumed mostly by every Indian couple in the morning. This is their time to discuss their dreams, goals aspirations, future and day to day activities. You can make their morning special by gifting them coffee mugs and that too a personalised ones. It displays a sweet memory of the couple. The coffee mug would be a very thoughtful way of showing them their journey of 25 years of togetherness. By customising coffee mugs it marks there couples 25th anniversary.  The couple would feel pampered who gets this personalized coffee mug a quote added on with the picture would also give a personal touch with every sip of their coffee with the mug they would remember you as well. The coffee mugs are printed with pictures which are colourfast and do not fade with any amount of washing or water contact. The mugs are packed in beautiful gift boxes with outer packaging of thermocol to protect from any breakage. These mugs are easy to wash and microwave safe. The mugs you give the couple will help them have some private moments together while sipping their coffee.


6) Personalized couple cushions


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This is one newest way of expressing love to your favourite colour people celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. You can customise a cushion with a picture, their name or a message for the couple. Cushions not only make up for the best gift for a couples anniversary but make a great home accessory. The cushions are a way to pamper and show your care for the couple on this special day. Lovely quotes, messages or the picture of the couple can be printed on the cushions. These cushions are made of satin material and can be used for home decor on sofa, bed, chair or a car.


7) Silver-plated wine glasses


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It is a silver jubilee anniversary and what better way it would be to celebrate it be to celebrate with some wine or champagne with silver plated wine glasses. These silver plated wine glasses would make just a perfect gift to celebrate an occasion like a silver anniversary. Silver-plated glasses are engraved with antique designs to make it look elegant and beautiful. These glasses can also be used to decorate your home apart from having wine during the celebration. The silver-plated wine glasses come in a set of 2 in a red or blue velvet gift box making in an ideal silver jubilee anniversary gift. These glasses are available on Amazon easily. They are 10 inches long and can hold a capacity of 100 ml each. These glasses need to be taken care of while cleaning as they are engraved. You can clean them with a soft cotton cloth and then should be kept wrapped in acid-free tissue paper of clean cotton cloth to avoid any scratches.

The wine glasses are silver plated and this would make a perfect silver anniversary gift for your favourite couple.


8) Hallmarked silver coins

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It is the occasion of a silver anniversary and it is time to gift your favourite couple something. The 25th anniversary of a couple denotes silver. A gift any made of the metal can be gifted. There are many kinds of utensils like glasses, boxes, god /goddess statues, made of silver that can be gifted to the jubilee couple. If you are not sure of what silver item you can give to the couple Amazon has silver coins available in 5, 10, 20 and 50 grams. You can buy one of these according to your budget to give the couple. The coins are made of pure silver. When you buy from Amazon, gift wrap and message can be instructed during the checkout. Buy these silver coins accommodate and celebrate the occasion of the silver anniversary of your favourite couple.


9) Couple watches for timeless love


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Couple watches make a wonderful gift for 25th wedding Anniversary couple. The couple has spent a long period together and a watch would be the best gift to let them realise their endless love. There are many types of couple watches available on Amazon under different brands and prices. You can choose any setting that suits your budget. The watches make a timeless gift to a couple you love a lot.  The watches available possess style and make a great accessory add on. The watches make come in the genuine leather strap or stainless steel. These watches are durable and look good because of their sturdiness and stylish look. Most of the watches have a warranty of 1 year. The watches can be used for formal or casual occasions. You can choose watches according to their features like analogue, water-resistant, leather or metal strap etc.


10) Gift Cards


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If you are not sure of what to buy for the 25th wedding anniversary of a couple the best way to give is an Amazon gift voucher. You can have the voucher of any amount to suit your budget. This gift voucher can be used by the couple to buy anything from Amazon. Amazon has a wide range of gift items like clothes, shoes, home decor items, accessories, books, gadgets and electronic items. The jubilee anniversary couple is free to choose a gift of their choice and needs. A more modern gift can be a subscription to Amazon Prime or Kindle. After 25 years together a couple needs time for themselves and the subscription would be a source of entertainment and enjoyment for them.


Conclusion: Best 25th Anniversary Gifts

We have listed you the best 10 silver jubilee gift ideas to help you buy the best gift for the best couple celebrating