19 Best Anniversary Gifts For Parents In India


Are you searching for a good, memorable anniversary gift for your parents? However, you do need a good gift to express how you feel. There’s a lot of thought and work that goes into getting a good gift that matches all that’s they’ve done for you. Should you buy them separate gifts based on what each of them like? Or should you get them a single gift that both of them would cherish equally?

Next, what kind of item should be gifted? Are you looking to buy framed pictures, cakes, chocolates, flowers or would thee ideas seem too cliché! To make their upcoming anniversary celebrations noteworthy, you need to go with an idea that’s really out of the box!!

Use sentiment, needs, and desires as your inspiration to find a good idea. Of course, you have to match these with your budget too.

For example, you can plan a really big surprise event that includes all your family and friends. You can have all of these people shower their love, gifts, and blessings on them. Even then, you need a small memento to mark the day. So, purchase that special gift, whatever that may be. To help make this gift selection venture a little easier for you, we have curated some interesting anniversary gift ideas here.

Best Anniversary Gifts For Parents

1. Dining out vouchers

Treat your parents to a special date at their favorite restaurant for a romantic evening out. you can either book a table or buy a gift voucher for them – whatever the restaurant will accept. This gift can include your whole family, relatives, close friends that can eventually be turned into a huge dinner celebration.

You can also turn it into a private affair for just the two of them. where they can reminisce on their golden years. This type of gift involves thought, one where you don’t have the to get small gift items that they will forget about the next day!!

Instead, you are gifting cherished romantic or family memories – the things that can’t be wrapped in paper, but yet stay close to their hearts at all times.

Choices in restaurants today are plenty; simply go online and search around for good places to eat at. You can choose one that you know they will like and then give them space to enjoy exotic dinners in a fine dining venue.

2. Couples spa vouchers

If you can’t get dinner vouchers or if their favorite eatery is fully booked, you can twist the voucher gift ideas. In place of eating out, they can be treated to a day of luxurious spa activities to help them step back and relax.

Many of the top professional spas even offer special areas, services, and rooms for married couples. Such packages normally include a selection of such services planned by the spas. Alternately, some of them will let you plan out your customized packages, so that your parents will enjoy them.

3. Customized wine set

This is yet another take on the fine dining idea – a wine set customized as per the wine the type of wine they like and with their names printed on the labels. This kind of gift works well if your parents are food connoisseurs or if they are celebrating their silver or golden weddinganniversary. A customized wine set can even include wine glasses with their wedding date engraved on them.

4. Customized wine glasses

If you can’t get thewine set customized in time, try for just the wine glasses or champagne flutes. There are set of two wine glasses that you can buy with an exclusive design or color and have this engraved with a wedding date or photos.

5. Gift cars

Opulence is always appreciated – gift your parents a car. You can gift them a vintage car that they’ve always wanted to own. If your parents are old, then get a car that they will find convenient to drive around in, this is a great idea especially if they insist on living independently.

6. Romantic getaway

Another big anniversary gift is a romantic vacation for two to any place that they both love. This can be an exotic location away from the hustle of their daily grind that helps them to relax and spend time together.

7. Family photoshoot

Silver and golden anniversaries have to be celebrated in a larger than life way. One good gift idea is to do a couple’s photoshoot to mark the occasion. There are many ways to go about this, either have a professional photoshoot done of your parent as they are. You can even get them to recreate their wedding photoshoot so that their old photos look like the new ones. If possible, you can even turn this into a family affair by bringing all the kids, cousins, aunts, uncles for a group photoshoot. Some people often have a celebratory party or dinner that follows up afterward!!

8. Gourmet dinner

Arrange to have a chef come to your parents’ home to cook them a special gourmet meal for just the two of them. This dinner is personal, romantic and is a special, once in a lifetime treat.

Kids can do something similar by preparing a meal for their parents; like a cake or even things that their parents love the most. After all, it’s the thought that counts!!


9. Couples jewelry

You can’t put a price on the perfect gift for your parent’s anniversary. If you want to make a big impression, gift them a couple’s ring set with their names, a special quote, or their wedding date engraved on them.

There are many options that your jewelry will only be too happy to share with you. For example, you can go for precious stones or semi-precious rings based on their preference (and your budget!!). if possible, in place of rings you can choose another set of matching jewelry like cuff links and neckpieces or watches.

10. Anniversary albums

In case you can’t get your parents or family at the same venue for a family event or dinner, try another option. Create an album filled with photos of your parents. You can fill it with images from their childhood, early youth, till their anniversary date; try to include other special events in their lives from the time they served military duty, won the college football or cricket match, etc.

Make this collection even interesting by creating a timeline, including the exact days on which those events took place. This album could be only about your chronicling your parent’s lives before they got married. It could even include events from after they got married, had kids, etc.

This gift idea works perfectly for older parents when the kids have grown up and had a marriage and family of their own. Parents have a great way to look back on and reminisce about the old days!

If you’re still in college or school and don’t have the budget to buy themsemi-precious rings, you have other affordable options. These are customized sets of pillowcases, mugs, wallets, etc. This idea may be common but one that can still prove to be useful.

There are plenty of items to choose from based on budget, availability and they can have fun sipping from a customized coffee mug.

11. Customized bobbleheads

This is a cute and funny gift idea that kids will enjoy giving their parents. It is a quirky gift that parents can keep on their desk, TV, car dashboard, etc.

12. Studded idols and religious items

Some people gift their parents a religious idol or item studded with gold, jewels, or Swarovski crystals. What makes things personal is if you purchase the beloved idol that they always worship. This makes for an auspicious anniversary present but it will be one that they will cherish and use too.

They will place the idol in their puja rooms and think of you each time they do an arati to that idol. It’s a present that they are likely to use frequently or daily, and will leave a lasting impression on them. Such a gift symbolizes luck, prosperity, blessings, positive vibes, and happiness.

As for your choices as to what kind of idol you should get – there are many options to choose from. Each one varies depending on the size or that idol, the materials it is studded with, whether it comes bundled or not.

13. Gift sets

You see a lot of these gift sets online – it includes a flower bouquet, chocolates, candles all bundled into one giant hamper. This is an affordable, over-the-top gift item that fits all their taste buds. These massive hampers can be delivered as a surprise gift and you have the option of customizing the contents that go into the hampers. For example, it can include a collection of sweets, chocolates, or spa items.

14. Homemade goodies

Do you run your service; why not gift them something from your won collection. For example, if you have your own confectioners service, bake them a designer cake, cookies, or chocolates for their special event. You can customize these sweet treats in so many ways – try adding edible photos, exquisite ingredients.

You can invite guests to a special anniversary dinner and send out a box of custom chocolates with each invite.

15. Caricature portraits

If your parents have an artistic flair, consider a gift that matches that artistic side of them. One good option is to get a caricature made of them – the easier way to do this is to recreate an old picture of your parents. You can choose photos from their youth, college days, or their wedding events. The reason we used the word ‘caricature’ is that it would a funny image of them. Frame the image so that it can be left on their desk to humor them every time they look at it.

16. DSLR camera set

If your parents are photo enthusiasts and love photo art, then this is the perfect gift choice for them. The gift should be a premium 4K DSLR camera, gifted as a whole set that includes an extra lens, maintenance kit, and other accessories.

They can even take along the camera on their next vacation, anniversary, holidays, birthdays to capture memories in the best definition.

Thanks to you, capturing memorable anniversary, birthday, or holiday memories will never be easier or clearer! Forget phones, a 4K camera will have high-quality images that they can enjoy in collages or collections for years to come!

17. Plants

Many parents love plants and have an entire collection that they keep as a hobby. If your mom or your dad loves plants, you can gift them a rare, exotic species for the anniversary. For gifts, you can give them a bonsai plant that grows forever and is a beautiful recreation. Succulents also make for good gifts as they last a long time. The current trend is to gift these cute succulent or cactus terrariums that are like miniature gardens encased in a glass bowl.

18. Art kits

If you can’t get hold of a goodcaricature artist, why not gift them an art kit designed for professional painters. These kits include paint sets, pallets, brushes, canvases, and even a canvas stand. This gift is perfect if your parents love paintings or art and want to get started on a greathobby they didn’t have time for earlier.

19. Paintings

If you can’t get hold of a good art kit, then try buying them an exclusive painting. There are several canvas painting options that one can find online, each one depicting some theme, painting technique. The frames come in various frame sizes so that you can find one or a collection of many images that goes on their desk, walls, etc.


Conclusion : 19 Best Anniversary Gifts For Parents In India

You can even buy original artwork – this is a special canvas painting done by an artist just for your parents. This is an exclusive piece that is made just for them and can be focused on images, memories, art themes that they like.

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